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Oh, great! Thank you! Will definitely look into it. If you have any other suggestion, please share :)
Do it for singapore, malaysia, thailand and vietnam.
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Right. Great. Thank you for your help! :)
Yeah, but you can hire a private car that will be best your parents. better take a package they will take care of everything
Thank you for replying! Actually we’ve already been to Singapore and Malaysia... Vietnam seems a good option, but does it not involve a lot of walking to reach places?
Try singapore. It is best for family vacation
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Thanks for responding! We’ve already been there. How does Vietnam sound to you? Also, any suggestions as to which other countries can be clubbed with it?
You can do Greece only or Greece - Turkey , Budapest - Hungary , Russia, Singapore - Malaysia- Thailand , Japan - Korea.
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Ohh. Okay. Thank you for your help! :)
Japan China .. Hot season ( Summers ) You can still go . Cambodia , Laos, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia - Rainy Season Bali, South Korea - not High Temperature Russia - Longer sunshine . summer again
Thank you for responding! We went to Europe last year, this time i was thinking East. Does China, Japan, and Korea sound like a feasible option to you?
Hi Kaant, I have attached with this comment few options for you, you can click on them to find more details about them. If you want to talk to someone about the packages simply fill in your details in the form and you will receive a call.
With 10 days in hand, we think you should stick to just one country so that it doesn't become too hectic for your parents and also you should be able to enjoy the place. Just our opinion though. We're not really big fans of "touch and go". :) We're planning a trip to Vietnam in December for 2 weeks and we thought we would be able to cover entire Vietnam in 2 weeks, turns out we were wrong so we are mainly going for North Vietnam and a bit of Central. If you choose Vietnam, you would need to research on the places suitable for travelling in August.