I did a month's trip in Europe for under 1000 euros . this includes two scandinavian countries whcih are very expensive! So here you go for all you tricks!
Hello Mariem! You could refer to my recent blog on few pointers :
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You can do couch surfing or stay in backpackers hostels to save money
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Great if its september you can look out for prague austria and hungary all very close by and mid scale budget place vienna is only costly here. budapest is cheap and affordable.
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Yes just shoot a mail to them they would take care of it... theres no limit as in for people from tunisia :)
Yeah i checked that out and i'm really thinking about it. But do they (the backpacking agency) accept people from Tunisia and do they really help with visa process ??
Hey when are you planning to.. i can recommend you a site please refer to it
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Heyy, im planning for the end of summer (september)