What are the best places to visit in Karnataka. Where we can also get cheap rate rooms?

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Karnataka called as lush green state of India filled with lovely weather, has lots to explore. Will share a few tripoto links written by travellers pertaining to their travel to Karnataka. See if it is suitable for your travel. https://www.tripoto.com/trip/places-to-visit-in-karnataka https://www.tripoto.com/karnataka/trips/places-to-visit-in-karnataka-5b337584461e1 https://www.tripoto.com/karnataka/trips/coastal-karnataka-tourist-places https://www.tripoto.com/trip/12-not-so-famous-but-astonishingly-exotic-waterfalls-of-karnataka-5c714a73b4935 https://www.tripoto.com/karnataka/trips/karnataka-beyond-bangalore-5c667c90b8a24 Sharing links for stay, see if it is suitable https://www.tripoto.com/karnataka/trips/the-purrrfect-hostel-circuit-guide-for-backpackers-in-karnataka-5c4411b4373d7 Some more spots to explore Don’t miss out Gokarna beaches Udupi temple visit Chikmagalur forest Agumbe hills Kudremukh valleys Mysore festival and benne dosa.
Coorg Gokarna Mysore Hampi-Halebid
Hampi Halebidu mysore coorg Chikamangalur Udupi Jog falls
Hampi Badami Gokarna Coorg