10th Aug 2020
Photo of REPEAT IN DUBAI by Mike Hammelton

Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, to which you want to return again and again. No matter how many times you visit the Emirate, each trip will give you fresh, vivid emotions. Firstly, because it is impossible to see all the sights in one trip, and, secondly, because the city is constantly developing, new buildings and new entertainments for tourists appear in it, such as cruise dinner in dubai

What to see if you are visiting Dubai for the second or third time? Let's figure it out together.


More recently, another rather interesting place to visit has appeared in the metropolis. This is the so-called Frame Dubai, which is located in Zabil Park. This building was not built just for beauty or to attract the attention of tourists. The frame is a kind of symbol, a window between the old and new parts of the city. On one side are the emirate's grandiose buildings - skyscrapers, office centers and the Burj Khalifa, and on the other - residential buildings in the old districts of Bur Dubai and Deira.

The enormous dimensions of the frame are also impressive. Its height is 150 meters, which is 11 meters higher than the Egyptian pyramid of Giza. The width of the frame is 93 meters, and the architects did not choose this ratio by chance. In an effort to achieve the ideal, the creators of the Frame used the principle of the golden ratio, when the ratio of height to width is 1.618. In art and architecture, this proportion is considered the ideal, the standard of beauty and perfection.

In general, the frame has 48 floors, and a high-speed elevator takes just over a minute to the last floor. A fascinating excursion awaits visitors inside the building. First, you can visit a modern interactive museum. Here guests are introduced to the history of the UAE using the latest technology. Such a performance is breathtaking, it will not leave anyone indifferent.

But, perhaps, the most fascinating sight awaits on the top floor - on the observation deck. From there, you can see the entire metropolis from a bird's eye view. And if you look at your feet, blood boils in your veins, because the floor on the observation deck is partially made of transparent glass.


If you want to take a leisurely stroll, enjoy the beauty of the architecture and dine at a cafe with stunning views of the harbor promenade, head to the Al Seef area. Basically,  it is a large pedestrian area with many cafes, restaurants, shops, a floating market and several hotels.

Part of the embankment is made in a modern style, like the new districts of the city. There are many yachts moored here, so anyone can book a boat trip and dine on the deck. And the second part is stylized under the classical Arab architecture and stretches all the way to the historic quarter of Al Fahidi. The atmosphere here is very authentic and allows you to feel the spirit of the past. It is hard to believe that all the buildings were built relatively recently, because the facades have abrasions, paint burnt out under the sun's rays, cracks on the walls and many more details, thanks to which they created an atmosphere of antiquity.

The highlight of this area is the Museum of Illusions, which was built in the fall of 2018. The creators managed to conveniently arrange 80 stunning exhibits in a relatively compact area of ​​450 square meters. These are various optical and sensory installations and holograms, as well as separate rooms with different effects that confuse and make you believe in the impossible.

Experienced tourists note such entertainments here:

Endless room. It's easy to get lost in the endless mirrored corridors here, so be very careful.

Upside down room. Here everything is upside down and it seems as if the laws of gravity have ceased to exist. It is interesting to walk on the ceiling or see the chair hanging in the air.

Vortex tunnel. In this attraction, a bright cylinder revolves around the passage, so it seems as if the earth is leaving from under your feet.

The advantage of the exhibition is that it is interactive. Here you can not only view the exhibits, but also touch them, interact and become part of an exciting adventure.


The emirate never ceases to amaze tourists with its impressive entertainment options and their scale. For those who like a beach holiday, there is a chic La Mer beach. This is a huge area surrounded by palm trees, with a colorful variegated design and a calm relaxation atmosphere. La Mer attracts tourists with the beautiful landscapes of the Persian Gulf on the one hand and the panorama of the big city on the other. This is a great place for a leisurely pastime, a great way to pause the crazy rhythm of the city and enjoy the moment.

The highlight of the beach is Laguna Water Park, one of the UAE's newest and grandest water parks.  Here there is entertainment for every guest: both for young children and for adults, who, it would seem, cannot be surprised with anything. There are more than ten rides and water slides with different heights and different levels of difficulty. But the main entertainment is a wave simulator, it will definitely win the heart of surfing fans. There are only three such simulators in the world, and one of them is in Dubai. This attraction is suitable for both beginners in surfing and professionals in this sport.

For those who crave for a huge dose of adrenaline and are looking for a real thrill, there is Free Fall. This is a pipe with the effect of free fall, in which the floor falls through and the person rushes down at great speed straight into the water.

If you have visited the water park with children or are simply not a fan of extreme entertainment, "Lazy River" will suit you. This is an opportunity to enjoy the measured swaying on the waves and the beauty of the local landscapes. Also, for those who travel with a family, the Manta attraction is suitable - family distillation on air mattresses.


La Perle is a stunning theater show from the talented director Franco Dragone. Even those who have already seen this legendary theatrical performance come back again and again, because every time it is a storm of emotions and ninety minutes of magic.

The theater has a capacity of 1300 spectators and creates the effect of complete presence. It uses the latest 3D projection technologies on the floor, walls and a huge cyclogram, a modern audio system that spreads sound 360 degrees, and the aqua stage itself is filled with 2.7 million liters of water. Such a scene can turn into a dry arena in a matter of moments and vice versa.

During the performance, acrobats sweep over the heads of the astonished spectators. They jump into the water from a tower 25 meters high, and stuntmen on motorcycles break all the laws of gravity by showing tricks inside a large metal ball.

The cast of La Perle Theater is 65 talented actors with unique abilities and skills. During the show, viewers can appreciate their acting, acrobatic stunts, and luxurious costumes.


Garden Glow is a delightful glowing park in Dubai that is sure to please both kids and their parents. It houses over 30 vibrant installations that are made entirely from recycled materials. These are mainly used medicine bottles. LED strips are used as lighting devices, so the electricity consumption is relatively small.

It is interesting to walk in the park at any time of the day, but especially breathtaking landscapes open up at night when installations are lit. The park has many tunnels of various shapes, animal figures, sea inhabitants and flowers. A real park of dinosaurs has also settled here, and the expositions are realized in full size. Such installations are especially impressive for tourists:

A lawn with funny pandas chewing bamboo.

Illusion of the underwater world with algae and fish.

The inhabitants of the savannah who came to the watering hole. And the watering place here is real.

Garden with huge colorful butterflies.

Talking tree 9 meters high.

A copy of the Burj Khalifa tower, 12 meters high.

And this is just a small part of the stunning compositions that can be seen in this park.


The Louvre Museum of Art and Culture opened in Abu Dhabi in 2017. It was created as part of a 30-year agreement signed between the government of France and Abu Dhabi. The museum was opened with the main goal - to bridge the huge gap between the art of the West and the East.

The local Louvre has more than 300 exhibits that are rented from the Parisian Louvre, Versailles, the Center Georges Pompidou and the Musée d'Orsay. Visitors can see such works of art:

Creations of Leonardo da Vinci "Beautiful Ferroniera".

The painting "Gare de Saint-Lazare" by the great artist Claude Monet.

The famous self-portrait of Van Gogh.

Napoleon at the Saint Bernard Pass by Jacques-Louis David.

Also exhibited here are works by Pablo Picasso, René Magritte, Cy Twombly, Paul Gauguin, Edouard Manet and other famous artists.

Here you can also get acquainted with the objects of art of ancient civilizations, for example:

Statue of a Bactrian princess from the 4th century BC.

Persian gold bracelet with images of lions, which was created in Iran in the 8-7 centuries BC.

Ancient Greek Sphinx.

Bodhisattva statue from Pakistan.

The Louvre is divided into 12 galleries, and each of them gradually reveals the history of mankind, from the most ancient times to the present day. These are 12 chapters in history, each of which is unique and interesting in its own way. 

Of course, the emirates are not limited to these novelties and with each new year they delight guests with new and new discoveries, and we just have to keep up with their pace and get real pleasure from the time spent in this wonderful country.