Tips for Planning an Unforgettable Arabian Night at Desert Safari

25th Feb 2019
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Taking out some time for fun and exploring new stuff has always been enjoyable. Dubai is a beautiful city of UAE where you can spend a superb holiday with your family and friends. This city offers some fantastic sights and incredible skyscrapers that will leave you astonished. Fly into the mighty place to witness the Arabian heritage and the beautiful architecture.

This mesmerizing city offers a lot more than your expectations.

Dubai is also a land of mysterious desert that offers excellent tourist hubs. You cant leave this city without experiencing the exciting desert trip which allows you to witness the Arabian culture and enjoy some adventurous activities.

1. Online Booking and Pickup:

You can do some research online to know about the tour companies that offer the best overnight desert safari. Booking tour for desert safari online is a pretty straightforward process. After making the payment, your trip will be confirmed.

You will be picked up from your place on in a 4x4 on the scheduled day in the afternoon and will then be taken into the beautiful desert in a short time.

2. Witnesses the Panoramic Views:

As the car stops on the scheduled location in the desert, jump out of it and stretch out your legs to witness the fantastic panoramic view and the landscape of endless mountains of hot dunes. Climb on the top of the highest hills and jump off to land safely on the soft pillow of the sand.

Bounce on the dunes to feel the soft sand getting into your shoes.

It is advisable to wear loose and comfortable clothes as the temperature can be a bit high sometimes.

3. Travel Guide:

Choose the tour company that has experienced tour guides because the desert safari Dubai is a bit difficult to enjoy without a professional guide with years of experience There are many things included in this tour that require some guidance to enjoy to the fullest.

4. Camel Riding:

Ride on the camel top to experience the real traditional culture. Navigate to your desired places sitting on these ships of deserts and explore the wild desert life.

5. Carry Camera to Capture the Wonderful Sunset:

The warm sand hues contrasting with the bright tones of the sky give a spectacular sight. Enjoy the eye-popping beautiful sunset view as the sun starts getting low on the horizon. Take sunglasses with you on this trip to witness the stunning view pleasantly. Also, carry a camera with you to capture the beautiful desert sunset and click amazing pictures of this memorable trip.

6. Get Ready For Thrilling Dune Bashing:

The Arabian night safari real adventure begins with the dune bashing through the desert to the Bedouin style camps. Experience the thrill of dune bashing in the big 4x4 vehicle that takes on everything in its path with a fearless driver. The roller coaster ride and the fleets of sand on the hot golden dunes are a superb experience for any travel lover.

Witness the crazy things that are the driver and the people outside are attempting as the car swerves and spins on the hills at a rapid speed. The car wheels slipping on the sand will make you feel an adrenaline rush through your spinal cord, and you will boom with smiles after this exciting ride.

7. Avoid Unnecessary Stuff:

Don't take a lot of stuff with you that may cause hindrance for you on enjoying this unforgettable trip.

8. Beat the Desert Heat:

The desert heat causes sweating. Therefore it is advisable to carry a small towel with you to swipe your clumsy sweated face.

9. Bedouin Style Camp:

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After bashing around for some time, you will arrive at the Bedouin style camp which has carpets on the sand, tables, and a stage in the middle for some exciting performances.

10. Sand Skiing:

Enjoy the real adventure sports in the seamless stretch of sand. The high dunes of about 200m-300m are perfect for sand skiing where you can slide down rapidly feeling the sand under your skis and enjoying an ultimate fun in the desert.

11. Treat Yourself With the Delicious Dinner

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The air of the Bedouin camp is filled with spices, roasted chicken and freshly baked bread. Stews, salad, Kebobs of Shawarma and an endless supply of hummus make the buffet dinner more attractive. The quality of the food is fantastic, and everything is made fresh.

12. Exciting Activities:

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Enjoy the impressive live entertainment shows in the camp by skilful people. These beautiful shows include fire show, Tanura dance and belly dance.

Final Words:

Dubai, the beautiful city of UAE, offers some fantastic sceneries with its impressive skyscrapers and spellbound the visitor with the new-fashioned buildings and lanes. Desert Safari is a luxurious way to explore the most iconic part of this city of dreams. Grasp the natural beauty of the desert and enjoy lovely moments there with sand skiing, dune, and other wonderful entertainment activities.

The exhilarating ride in the chilly desert evening will fill your heats with satisfaction. You can also book a private overnight desert safari to enjoy to the fullest with your friends and family.