Sun, Sand and Dubai!

1st Jan 2018
Photo of Sun, Sand and Dubai! by Karim S A

Last Sunday, as I lazily sat watching TV at home, I heard my feelings whisper softly in my heart, why not let the New Year ring in Dubai?.


(even before I could think further, my heart again whispered, "you have your friend Rangaswamy Krishnan in Dubai na, why worry"?)

Well, that's true, my feelings resonated with my heart.

So, I swept all the 'ifs and buts' under the carpet, and let my fingers do a little homework of googling the net, before I could finally embark upon the journey to Dubai.

My imaginations had already started running wild, in their own imaginations. Of how, when I land in Dubai, I would be greeted by my long lost friend Rangaswamy Krishnan (fondly called RK). My association with RK goes back to the era of 1970s, when life was idyllic and beautiful. We would now be reuniting after a spell of 34 years. We were in fact, family friends in Tungabhadra Dam in Karnataka.

Will there be tears of happiness rolling down our cheeks, or will we hug each other so tightly, that our protruding stomachs deflate from fat to flat. Will we go crazy on this great grand reunion and what will our families think looking at our craziness? How, all along the road from the Airport to his house, we will fill the Dubai air with the fragrance of our memories.

I was least interested to see what Dubai has to offer, because it already has, what i treasure most, my Best Friend, RK! The Kohinoor diamond, though of India, is now housed in the United Kingdom. Like wise, RK is the Kohinoor of India, housed in Dubai.

If I see him, that's enough.

But, having reached Dubai, do you think RK will see me off, without showing Dubai?

What plans will he be making? What places will he be showing? What will I eat, and where? Questions after questions, starting spluttering like popcorn in the machine.

Malls are overcrowded and maniac and these days every city in every country is mushroomed with innumerable malls and they are all the same with branded stores and junk eateries.

But of all the things, I would prefer to experience the Desert Safari in Dubai. Nature has always fascinated me, be it the mountains, the valleys, the rivers, the sea, the snow and the desert.

Arabian Adventures has a plethora of exciting offers for the Dubai travellers. I found their offer of "Sundowner Dune Dinner Safari" exciting. You are taken in a shared vehicle to the desert and it is a must-do safari when in Dubai. The magic of the desert allures you and the view of the setting Sun, as you drive through the dunes makes this trip a truly memorable one. You are treated to a delicious dinner in the Bedouin style camp.

Want to drive a fully automatic four seater desert dune buggie? You will be picked up from your Hotel and dropped back. And when you reach the desert, you will be let to drive the fully automatic four seater off-road dune buggie. Don't you worry, the safety and driving instructions are provided and you can follow the natural trails of the dunes in the desert along with your guide All this exciting experience comes for as less as INR 12,356 with an offer of 20% off!

And the second wish I would like to make to my friend RK is to take me to the 124th floor of Burj Khalifa, so that I can have a view of the magnificent Dubai's skyline by night, all decked up with starry lights.

Should I turn young at heart and wish to experience skiing at the Mall of the Emirates?. It's here you will find 22,500 square meters covered in snow with jump slopes and play area. Let me be a child for once in this indoor ski resort.

Dubai makes you feel, what it's like, to be "alive".

Bye Bye Dubai (vl c ya soon)....and ummaahh RK!

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