Goa Bungee Jumping | Find Out How Much It Costs & Where | India's Second Highest Bungee Jumping


Finally, My Bucket list is checked! Bungee is done!! This is India's one of the highest bungee jumping spots. Do watch the full video to find out how much it costs and where?

My heart was beating as fast as it could, while I was standing at the edge of the platform! The most memorable experience ever had in my life. Try it out once in your life and overcome fear.

Bungee details -

Bungee Height - 61 mt, nearly 200 ft

Contact Name - Bijendra Rai

Contact number- 8750576508

Cost: INR 2800/- per head

Drone shot - INR 800

Location - https://g.page/Indyabungy?share

Safety: 5/5

My Instagram handle : https://www.instagram.com/bikemybuddy/