Ban Jhakri Waterfalls

Photo of Ban Jhakri Waterfalls 1/1 by LOG

Ban Jhakri waterfalls are at a distance of 7 km from the capital city of Sikkim and very close to Ranka Monastery. This 100 feet waterfall is located in a neatly maintained park with the forested area. There are concrete pathways and footbridges around the park, which spreads across 2 to 3 acres of land area with flowering plants and trees in it.

There is a manmade lake at this place with a dragon in it. You can go on a paddleboat in this lake. This park is themed on Shaman culture and you can notice Sikkimese designs visible all across the park. There are some gazebo structures available at several points where you can relax by watching the view of the flowing stream.

Ban Jhakri means 'Jungle Priest' or the other meaning 'Jungle Magician'. The Nepali traditions say that the first Jhakri or Shaman gained the power of mastering the evil spirits from the gods. However, he wanted to identify the best people to teach the technique secretly in his place.

In addition, after the practice the boys became Jhakris being able to cure anybody attacked by evil spirits. While there are several statuettes here that reflect the Jhakri mythology, the one that I like the most is the statue of the Jhakri himself. A woman guides you if needed. She works here as a guide. She will take you around the park and explain even the myths about the park.

This park uses nonconventional energy like solar. Slides and swings are available in the park, which generates power when used. A bridge-like structure is available in the park. There you can sit and just gaze at the forest ambiance all around and hear the birds twitting.

Entry fee : 50/- per person, Extra charges for Camera and Vehicle parking.