Oceanographic Park in Valencia

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Oceanographic Park in Valencia is a natural attraction that has been opened since 1960 and offers a variety of attractions for all ages. This natural park was established to help discover and protect the biodiversity in the area. This park offers a good place for discovering the wonders of nature and to observe the life of animals. The other attractions here include the dolphinarium, a large number of birds and sea turtles, and many other marine species.

The park is located near the city center and can be reached by train, rented car on bookingauto.com or by bus. It is also conveniently located near Vallejo de Almeria Airport. The Oceanographic Park in Valencia presents a large collection of exhibitions for children and adults. We recommend booking a guided tour at foxiepass.com.

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The Oceanographic Park in Valencia can be visited by both car and bicycle. The main transport means to get around here are the buses which ply every few minutes to and from the main entrances. The airport of Valencia is situated just beside the Oceanographic Park and you can access this airport by hopping onto one of the local airport shuttles that operate from this airport. Alternatively, a taxi will take you to your hotel, and the railway station is also just a few meters away.

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The most popular attractions here are the sea turtles that gather at the edge of the bay in search of food. There are several types of sea turtles here including leatherback sea turtles which can grow up to two meters in length. There are also numerous species of birds which can be seen nesting in the trees near the beaches. Several exotic mammals can also be seen roaming around the grounds of the Park.

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The first stop of your excursion should be the Oceanographic Park itself. This park has several features that have been built to study and preserve the unique marine biodiversity in the area. Several types of marine animals are recorded in the form of footprints, signs and nesting boxes and these are placed in several parts of the Park. It is also worth mentioning that the marine turtle reserve is home to more than 500 of these reptiles.

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Another attraction that can be found in the Park is the Zocalo. This is a century old church which serves as a beautiful museum with several exhibits and features. The fountain located in the Church symbolizes the rushing of the "infused water" which was supposed to carry away evil spirits during the Spanish Inquisition. A statue of the Virgin Mary is also located here. In the center of the Church is a bell which plays the different notes given out by the bell's chime.

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There are many other interesting things to see and explore in this wonderful seaside resort and town. The Oceanographic Park is located just beside the coast so you can easily reach it from the airport. You can go hiking in the forested mountains located at the outskirts of town and you will get to witness a rare bird species like the black-throated sparrows. If you are into boating, then there are several sailing services that offer different types of cruises all throughout the year. And last but not least, the cuisine here is simply out of this world and is sure to leave your taste buds in ecstasy.