Hoskote Lake – A paradise for bird lovers!

28th Oct 2017
Photo of Hoskote Lake – A paradise for bird lovers! 1/3 by Anoop Pillai

Birds, who doesn't like them! But some people take it further to a different next level. This post is dedicated to them.

Hoskote lake is one of those early morning visits you can do from Bangalore. At odd 20-30 km distance, this is one place that wouldn’t wear you out. It is an easy visit, plus no ambitious treks required as there is no destination to reach. Must visit for bird lovers though.

Since my knowledge about birds, their variety is limited I wouldn’t comment much on that. But I got an opportunity to see a few Brahmani Kites and a few other variety of small and big birds.

Keep your superzoom lens handy for taking decent pictures of birds.

Photo of Hoskote Lake – A paradise for bird lovers! 2/3 by Anoop Pillai

The number 1 shows the place where the maps took me first. It’s kind of marsh lands with no clear view; another access to the lake I believe. Since I didn’t have a decent lens, I moved to the place marked number 2. This is from where I took all the pictures (the one above and the one below). There is place to set up your equipment and get a few good shots.

The line indicates the toll both. Just so that you know there is a way of reaching the place marked number 2 without paying toll, but mind you it takes toll on your vehicle. The road is completely broken and average speed must be around say 5 km/h.

And of course motorcycle can pass for free through the toll…

Photo of Hoskote Lake – A paradise for bird lovers! 3/3 by Anoop Pillai