How it feels to go SOLO as an Indian woman.

20th Jul 2016

I started working last year after those years of dragging myself into degrees and had started travelling often

Just like how we keep clicking links here and there,I had been reading a lot about travelling Solo and i was equally convinced to do so, now that i had traveled independently (Financially i mean) quite a few times. But obviously i had my second thoughts. Heard too many male friends talking about this idea but being all by myself would scare me (Aren't we too dependent on others? I remember waiting for my friends even for going to mess for dinner in college)

Well, honestly this wasn't as uncomfortable an idea now (Ever since i started working) but that doesn't shadow the fact that i am still the same girl who wouldn't cross a road without my chotu (LOL)

Just like any girl in India i was brought up in a protective environment . This thought was strange and almost alien for my parents who freaked out at my initial conversation about it

I belong to a family where the number of boys and girls going along are counted before a trip to Pummy Aunty's house (LOL)

Never Mind, so i took any easy way out. I told them there's a friend accompanying along and planned everything for my self ( Although i told them my plans eventually and they had to agree :P)

Booked hostel through (Pretty reliable reviews/ratings- I strongly recommend) and created an itinerary through app. I chose to draw a plan all by myself, never liked the idea of taking a package anyway.

There were a few things on my mind. I am sure everyone has their own. If i could list them down, here they are-

1. Cycling along the beach

2. Discovering the Ta poi Village- Fishing

3. Going for Dim Sum cooking classes

4. Going for Herbal massage and spending some quality time with myself

Apart from travelling to cliche tourist places and shopping ofcourse! Plus that extra advantage of doing whatever/whenever just makes things even more exciting .

Cheery on the top moment came when i met two people( one from Sweden and another from Indonesia) who were solo travelers too and joined me for clubbing at LKF (A must go for Pub hopping)

With great connectivity and safety, there was barely a time i felt unsafe (Even if you are out in the streets at 3 am)

My take:

Even if its not in your charts, do try going SOLO

You might just discover how happy one can be to find themselves