It's not hard being an Eco-Traveler :)

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Traveling is a single word to which one’s thoughts would be infinite and never enough to sum up. We do what we love and traveling is one of them, so why not display true love by taking some very basics steps to preserve the destination we travel to and capture it forever in our hearts. We often complain going to various places about cleanliness but what are we doing about it? These steps might seem tough and impractical to many, one can begin with small steps. Here is how you can begin being an Eco-traveler.

1. Carry your own water bottle:

Wherever you go, if you are taking a roadtrip, backpacking or traveling with family or you are in your favorite outdoors, carrying your own water bottle helps you on hygiene, instead of buying pet plastic water bottles and disposing them there, fill water from restaurants, eateries or the best is to fill your drinking water from a clean natural resource, even if you have to but plastic water bottles, ensure you dispose them in the right bins.

2. Eat Fresh or carry your own food:

While you flag of carry your own lunch box with dry food items, as you travel, consumer freshly cooked food instead of buying packet-ed processed food like chips, snackers which would produce more plastic waste. Enjoying local cuisines is a better idea always !

3. Travel local:

The idea of driving in your own vehicle is fun and comforting, however you are unknowingly a reason to the traffic while complaining about it, by traveling through locally operated transport and locally run taxis you are supporting the local economy and this is also an alternatives for the comfort loving ones.

4. Keep the music low:

We all have our favorite play list to play while we travel, listening to low music and close spaces is a good idea. If you are an outdoor person plug in your head phones, playing loud music outdoors disturbs the atmosphere and animals as that could be their habitat. When we travel into wilderness, it is our responsibility to ensure we do not disturb the habitat of animals.

5. Dispose zero Non- Biodegradable waste:

Whatever we dispose that can easily decompose is not as harmful, plastic, cans etc should be avoided to be disposed. create a small bin in your bag or car and ensure proper waste disposal.

6. Recycle Plastic:

Plastic is a blessing if recycled, curse if disposed. Existing plastic can be used for several practical usage, I always carry my things wrapped in a plastic bag before I put them in my rucksack, I also keep extra plastic to wrap dirty or wet clothes or carry things not be disposed in open outdoors.

There are many more ways, I hope this read gives you a food for thought to come up with many such solutions and become an Eco- traveler!

Eco-Traveler is a sustainable adventure travel company working towards conservation & sustainability through experiential travel. ECO- Environment, Communities & Outdoors.

Come join in to bring the change and develop sustainable tourism in India.

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