Why Indians Must Slow Down and Travel to Have Better Lives

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It is often said that if you're one in a million in India, then there are 1,241 Indians exactly like you. Is that why most of us are working harder than we want – due to a competitive environment? An increasing number of young Indians working in corporate firms are succumbing to stress, anxiety and health disorders and the stats are alarming and here's why it's time for you to slow down and travel.

Step out, exhale and think

For most of us even if we are doing what we dreamt of all our lives, it's a challenge to keep the motivation level high. You may ask, "What's the way out?" It's that door right before you. It leads you out of your cubicle and can do wonders for your beautiful mind.

Why travelling is an answer for you

Elaine Eaker in her studies shows that working females who took only one vacation in six years or less are eight times more likely to suffer from coronary heart disease as compared to their counterparts who took vacations twice every year. Men who rarely travel have a 32% higher chance of dying of an heart attack than those who travel frequently. Yes, numbers do knock sense into our heads often! So say yes to the sunshine on the road, and travel.

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Remember, you can't outsource your mind and body

Or maybe you can. Once in a while, from unknown unseen places when you decide to take a break from the city humdrum. Travel once in a while to swing around at your own pace instead of dancing an off-kilter step each day inside four walls.

Mornings must be beyond bio-metric attendance

Your bio-metric attendance is mostly the only thought in your mind every morning. Walk out, travel and witness a day begin in a new town for a change. There's an awe-inspiring sunrise you miss each day. And if the poetry of nature falls short to inspire you, other studies prove that performance level at work increases exponentially after a vacation often.

Take a break from a life of a different time zone

We live a lifestyle that belongs to an alien timezone. Office parking lots are full even beyond 8.00 pm and we are catering not just services but mind, body and heart. Mails from clients arrive at night and no one really cares about sunsets anymore. Sure, your work is worth it but travel and take a break to align yourself to the rhythm of nature.

Show that eagerness to please yourself and explore more

India's population reached a billion mark in 1998 but the insecurities of surviving amongst a billion people is deep-seated and dates back to an even earlier date. We are eager to be the best, eager to please the bosses and eager to jump up the ladder sooner but show that eagerness to please yourself. Explore all while you can and while you must.

Do not watch taillights at the end of each day

If you are a working individual in your twenties or beyond, you must remember that you didn't work so hard to achieve a lifestyle where go drive back home watching taillights every night. The break from work that is 'granted' or 'sanctioned' is something you deserve and you've earned it well. Discover new people, places and maybe, yourself in the process.

You do not need to prove your resilience

Most of us race from emails to appointments each day incessantly and spend hours adding blanket of humanity to our mails everyday. More than 60% of the Indians do overtimes and ungodly work hours are a norm. But you must show that resilience to chart norms for yourself. Your family awaits a vacation with you and that's worth the effort.

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Big successes are not clock watchers

They are watchers of quality, capacity and constant enthusiasm for life. Travel helps you broaden your perspective, offers mental space for innovation and often ignites creativity. Slow down and explore the world on it's own pace once in a while. Believe you me, it does wonders to your beautiful mind.

Do not start that leave application with an apology

Colin Wright says, "Life is a series of inhales and exhales, a rhythm that doesn't stop. Be in love with both extremes."

The time for you to explore is here. Travel and discover new limits and create new boundaries. You are here to earn miles, not leg space in a sedan.

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