Why Indians need to travel a lot more!

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I am not going to be stereotype and blame Indians for not traveling enough. Rather, I suggest we Indians should be traveling a lot more than we actually do.

When it comes to Indians, we tend to put everything ahead of a travel, be it family commitments, work or money. We tend to think of everything and put aside our desire to pack our bags and leave. I also confess to have done this a couple of times. But in the end, we only regret the chances we did not take. We tend to save money for a rainy day but we think it is exuberant to spend a lot of money on travel, we prefer to delay our dream holidays for the longest time due to work pressure, commitments or lack of company. Somehow the idea of solo travel has not been accepted by a lot of people yet. Travel will makes us a lot open minded and bring us close to the country we live in. We will learn to appreciate the different cuisines, cultures and the people we meet while traveling. Young people sitting in the office, working for 16 hours a day, need to explore the world out there. Youth will not come back and your job will never go anywhere. Spend hours walking in the jungle instead of facing your computers.

Well, you might be a mountain lover and your friend could be a beach lover. In that case, your holiday will never happen because the two of you will have different needs from a holiday. Your parents may not allow you to go to certain destinations because they think it is 'unsafe' for you to be traveling alone, hence you will either wait for a company or cancel your holiday. Another thing, money. The one major reason why travel takes a backseat is our belief that it requires a lot of money, which is not totally true. If a trip is planned well in advance, then you could end up saving a lot more than your budgeted expense. Money should not be a reason you do not travel. Neither should the reason be work. Because that will never end. You could work all your life and yet feel that you have not saved enough for travel. 

I think the idea of backpacking or solo travel should be developed and encouraged in India, only then we will simply back our bags and leave for unknown destinations, meet new people and adapt to the way they live. There are various options available online which help you decide the perfect place to go, how to go and where to live.

The world is out there, it is all yours so stop thinking of all the reasons why you can't, instead once, just once try and leave everything behind and go for the holiday you have been postponing for a while now.