Confessions of a traveller!!

20th Oct 2015

What is travel? Is it about escaping from reality or is it a journey into reality? Do we tend to run from our problems if we love travel? Do we love exploring places? Do we love to meet new people and socialise? Do we love to be an adventurer? All these are the questions which a traveller often asks to himself. 
Photo of Confessions of a traveller!! 1/3 by Udit Gulati (Mysterious Traveller) 
Few people think that we are mad and we waste our time in travelling. Some think that we are wasting time and money in travelling. Some are the concerned ones who advise us to be stable in our lives and leave travelling. But do they really know us? Do they really know what a traveller needs? 
Photo of Confessions of a traveller!! 2/3 by Udit Gulati (Mysterious Traveller) 
We the travellers, are the ones who start loving to get into unknown lands. We start loving and exploring ourself when we travel. Going for trips is not all about travelling. It's about exploring ourselves within those unkown lands. When you travel, you start loving yourself. You start exploring yourself. Even we love others, we love to live with others, we live our stable lives, we are into commitments too, we do have responsibilities too, we need to think twice before packing our bags, we do need to manage leaves at our jobs, we need to travel safe and even we are human beings like others.
So the question comes again...why travel? We do have many things to bind us but who can stop a flowing river? Yes! Life of a traveller is like a continuously flowing river. Travellers have many questions from themselves and to find an answer to those questions, they travel.They want to live their passion, they consider their life as an adventure, they want to live their present completely instead of thinking about future, they love to spend on travelling rather than useless things so they're not wasting money, in fact they are learning to spend wisely. They live their dreams and want to live their dreams completely. They love themselves and explore themselves in this life and limited time itself. They love to talk to people when they travel and they are interested to know about their stories too. It's take a second to make a well settled person to a traveller and eventually you will start hating your regular jobs :D and you will start loving your life just for weekends. Your mobile phones will be full of travel applications, hotel booking apps and travel blogging one's. So the biggest confession by us is that we want to live our lives and this is the reason why do we travel. Come and start travelling. Then only you'll understand what do we need. What do we feel and where our life is taking us?
Photo of Confessions of a traveller!! 3/3 by Udit Gulati (Mysterious Traveller) 
"When was the last time when you did something, you've never done before?"
This quote always inspire me to go for next one whenever i come back from a trip and i book my tickets for next one. 
So start travelling! Start exploring! Start living your life! And your life will change completely :D :)