Kashang La (17,842 feet) – Jammu and Kashmir

20th Jun 2021

Kaksang La

Photo of Kashang La (17,842 feet) – Jammu and Kashmir by Neeraj Dhiman

Kaksang La, at 5438 metres above sea level, is located in Ladakh’s Changthang area. It is the only road in India that may be driven on by a car. Because it does not allow access to significant tourist sites in the vicinity, Kaksang La is not as well-known as other mountain passes. It is one of the country’s highest roadways.

Set high in the country’s north, close to the Line of Actual Control with China, the route to the top, also known as Kakasang La, is rebellious. Locals refer to the route as “hell.” It’s most likely the highest mountain pass in the nation accessible to foreign cars. You may enter with your usual Protected Area Pass/ILP. There are no additional permissions necessary. The route is incredibly gorgeous, with great views of lakes, mountains, and valleys.

To get to Kaksang La, drive from Spangmik to Chushul at Pangong Lake, then south to Mirpal Tso or Yayi Tso. Tso Moriri Lake may also be reached by this alternative path from Pangong Tso.

From Chushul to Mahe, the route is 67.2 kilometres (41.75 miles) long and runs north-south. Another road connects the two communities. The other route is via Chushul, Tsaga, Loma, and Nyoma. It begins paved and soon becomes a mule track at its peak height of 5.436m (17,834ft) above sea level.

The ascent is quite steep and requires a 4×4 vehicle. The weather may be harsh, and the chilly wind can cut you like a dagger. Expect minor landslides with scattered rocks. This extremely isolated route is carved into the mountain ranges and is seldom used.