Girivan - New Mahabaleshwar 3.5 hors drive From Mumbai

21st Nov 2020

You know what, for Mumbaikar's the hottest Destination for Weekend Getaway is Lonavala/Khandala and indeed that's a wonderful location, but there are many places in surroundings of Lonavala which are not very famous, but are scenic and beautiful as Lonavala.

What is this Place ?

I have got a chance to visit at such place which is known as "Girivan" which is approximately 40-45 KM from Lonavala and its Near the Pawana Lake/Dam.

Girivan is a small private hill station which is 2400 above the Sea level and infact it is 400 Feet above the Lonavala's Sea Level height which is 2000 Feet.

So this was very much planned trip and it was for 2 nights and three days. Since it was exactly after the lockdown and i wanted my family to take out so thought of planning it for atleast 2 nights as one day just passed in travel and there is no point of going for only one day and coming back next day so planned it for two days. 

Well the first thing was to find out a place to stay. 

Where to stay in Girivan 

There are many private properties to hire for your a day's plan or for 2 days plan, so I Booked a 

bungalow from #airbnb and this was a 4 BHK bungalow and this property was a wonderful property build in 22000 Sq. Feet (Half Acre). Full of Greenery, Decent Rooms, A Cook, Caretaker was already there to help for food and other domestic requirements.

So you can book any of the Private Property over there if you have a big group.


If you are 2-3 People and don't want to go for a Bungalow or apartment, then there is another very good option which is Girivan Resort. This is a Property which is a wonderful property with all the amenities required for kids, old peoples and with a Wonderful Restaurant with an Amazing Valley View.

What activities can be done in Girivan.

Not much actually if you ask me. This place is for relaxing and not much activities are available. You can visit this place in Monsoon and in Winters. You can do hiking or Tracking and can enjoy the Bird Watching. Its a place where you can just admire the natural beauty, can relax and just 

make plans of buying a property in this sort of places and that's exactly what i dreamt when i visited this place.

Well this place is good for one day and i thought of the two days for the reasons which i had mentioned but if you are planning for this place then one day is more than enough.

you can check my Vlog on this place and it will give you more information on the place.

Overall my family liked this place and they enjoyed it, but for party animals this place is not very much recommendable .

Enjoy the video