Luscious Lonavala

23rd Aug 2014
Photo of Luscious Lonavala 1/2 by Ankita Misra
Photo of Luscious Lonavala 2/2 by Ankita Misra
Tiger Point

When Amir Khan says "aati kya khandala?" most of the listeners like me will consider it as one of those lines with no such emphasis on the mentionable. Au contraire, Khandala is far more beautiful than the expression itself. I am sure once you visit Lonavala and Khandala, you would want to 'Aati-kya-khandala' your loved ones. Please note that while some say Lonavala is a part of khandala, various other sources say they are twin hill stations. 

So, a bunch of students head out from there college for a day out to Lonavala from Chinchwaad, Pune. Plan your complete day that shall include travelling, food and sight-seeing. 

Usually, one can find daily buses for Lonavala from major cities in Maharashtra especially Mumbai and Pune. As a par of khandala, keep yourself camera-ready for beautiful scenery almost any which direction you will see.

Lonavala is a best getaway to take out time for yourself and your loved ones. Plan the whole day with the help of itinerary like these and you shall never get lost :) Its the perfect combination of good roads, nature beauty of as many hills much as water there is. 

In between Lonavala and Pune is this ancient rock-cut cave that houses Buddhist shrines. The place is amazingly peaceful but most filled with tourists who spend time taking pictures and enjoying the beauty in and around.
Photo of Karla Caves, Pune, Maharashtra, India by Ankita Misra
Its an observation deck located at a clif-top about 500 m high. Take a deep breath among sheet of white mist and RELAX!
Photo of Tiger Point, Dattawadi Road, Lonavala, Maharashtra, India by Ankita Misra
Between lonavala and the bus stop lies this dam which is easily a coverable distance. Its less of a dam right and now and more of a picnic spot next to a lake that has been formed, due to excess amount of tourists attracted to this sight. ONe has to be very careful while going close to water incase of slippery surfaces.
Photo of Bhushi Dam, Pune, Maharashtra, India by Ankita Misra
Its a township basically created by Sahara Group consisting of group housing societies, hotels, resorts and popular locations near lonavala. Little away from Lonavala, if you are planning to spend the night, look for accommodation in aamby valley preferably.
Photo of Aamby Valley, Maharashtra, India by Ankita Misra
This one is particularly in Khandala. Duke's Nose is also known as Nagphani probably because it appears like a nose or a snake's hood. IN order to reach the cliff, one needs to trek for a few miles which will lead you to the observation deck to beautiful Mumbai-pune highway, Rail tracks from a good height.
Photo of Duke's Nose, Chavani, Maharashtra, India by Ankita Misra