5 indian motor vlogger you must subcribe


Vlogging as a concept is rather new in India, But It is growing! There are many new motorblogger addidng to the list everyday, it takes time and a lot of efforts to do the motorblogging as there is not much audience in that.

Here are my 5 personal favorites

1. Mumbiker Nikhil: Needless to say he is one of the best motorblogger out there, he has done a lot long rides including ladak(the best work from him), K&K ride, Kolkota ride, recent ride to Karnataka with Triumph. I just love watching his videos, he had started daily vlogs lately but I am not fan of these daily vlogs.

2. GoPro Man: He is one of the under rated vlogger out there, he has done Bangalore-Ladak-Bangalore ride, Rann of Katch ride, and has covered numerous beautiful ghats in Karnataka. He's famous for discovering the unknown attractions and exploring them to the world. Most of this videos doesn't contain any talking by him that's where he fails to attract the audience but the visuals will just blow your mind

3. Oggy F: A TRUE MOTOVLOGGER. He sticks to the brief , knows exactly what he wants to convey. This happens as soon as his intro starts. A geeky therapeutic sound track of electronic noises culminates into his cool looking logo. His voice is almost calming . He has a whole lot of videos and is always posting videos[ regularly with over 150 videos ] which is what most others south of Oggys spot lack. He main forte is capturing idiots that drive like morons on the streets of Mumbai. He has a very soothing way of conveying things, well spoken and you immediately get that feeling that hes a family guy ! You know what we mean ? Do you ???His voice modulation is sometimes a bit flat. Dont get me wrong its not bad …its just that its almost impossible to see him shout his head off at a stupid motorist. It sounds more like hes their doting cousin reprimanding them


4. The Everyday India: This guy is everybit a motovlogger. Witty , funny and a lot of creativity. We love the fact that he is unassuming, doesnt have a put on accent and by that we mean that he is brash and local types. Honest delivery of content with a whole lot of desi style. While most of his videos are about his encounters on the road, he seems to be diversifying into content that would serve as guides and comparoes.

5. One world One ride: He's not a great vlogger but the bikes he has will just blow your mind. The ride he takes would be with the fat bike's group which will just make you wanna have one of those badass machines in your garage.

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