Myanmar Trip

1st Aug 2019

Myanmar, that is in abundance with the ancient religious monuments, intricate art works, natural beauties, ancient cities as well as cultural inherits. Situated on the westernmost part of Indo-China's southeastern part of Asia, Myanmar has an geographical position with its country of area 261228 sq mi (676577 sq km) equivalent to the combined area of France and England.

Photo of Myanmar Trip 1/1 by James Brown

Myanmar with 1760 miles long coast, Rakhine, Bago and Shan Mountain Ranges connected with the Himalayan Mountain Ranges in India, central plains and the residual delta area, is the second largest and widest country in South East Asia.

Whole year round snow-capped Mt. Kha Ka Borazi with altitude of 19296 ft and Phoneganrari and Phangranrazi Snow-capped Mountain can be ventured through trekking trips . Natural forests, landscapes, springs and waterfalls will give peacefulness, the nature of the naturally living birds and wild animals can also be watched while studying the precious world famous teak, pyinkadoe, thityar, Ingyin and the wooden logs production and exploring the rare plants and orchids. The resource of Ayeyarwaddy, Thanlwin, Chindwin and Sittaung Rivers develop the country in Agriculture and Hydroelectric Production.

Myanmar, is recognized by UNESCO for the Cultural Heritages that are in Mrauk U and Bagan ancient cities. The famous author, Rudyard kipling wrote about Myanmar stated about Shwedagone Pagoda, as one of the wonders of the world and it is quite unlike any land you know about. Myanmar, abundant with gold, silver, ruby, sapphire, jade, diamond and the minerals such as; metals, tin, lead, bronze, zinc, etc. Sea products, crude oil and natural gases are found in the ocean and the natural pristine beaches such as, Ngapali, Ngwe SaU-Bein-Bridgeung and Chaung Tha show their natural beauty and Mergui archipelagoes invites for venture travelers.

My next Trip is to Iran to but some Persian rugs.

I will let you know how it was.