Top 5 South Asian Destinations You Cannot Afford To Miss


South Asia is for those who can pinch out the loneliness from solitude and can see the difference between the two. It’s not that these places are void of people and full of jungles, it’s just about finding bliss far from all the advancements of the world. The region is not quantifiable by any means, from diverse cultures to surreal monuments and from the assault on taste buds to subtle tasteless flavours and from buxom adventures to serene spirituality, South Asia has it all. South Asia is home to countless languages, religions, temples, lost cities, sceneries beyond imagination, hospitable people and unique attractions. One of the interesting things about South Asia is that even though gambling is illegal in many South Asian countries, still they left Las Vegas behind by a long shot. So, you can imagine a tranquil trek in mountains and LeoVegas casino on mobile in India but if it’s just gambling you care about, Singapore is probably the best option out there. (This bit is just for the gamblers who like to travel beyond casino destinations.)


This is one of the most beautiful places on earth that fell into the hole of religious wars; the state led ethnic cleansing has made the issue the fastest growing crisis in the world. But a traveller needs not to worry, none of the areas that you, the travels, want to end up being is not in crisis. However, the money that comes from tourism may end up in funding the military for genocides. But things look to be dissipating, surely but surely, crisis borne out of religions does not end pretty. It’s safe to travel in the country but you would want to be cautious while planning the trip. There are only limited entry points to the country.

Once you figure out your itinerary across the country, you can travel independently, see dolphins and enjoy the coffee blends that you’ll only get there. Consider going to Yangon, the capital of the country. On the Irrawaddy river, there is a class of fishermen that are vanishing, these fishermen cooperate with dolphins to catch fish. There are endangered freshwater dolphins and by travelling there you will only be encouraging these fishermen and dolphins which could save them.

There is another place in Myanmar, it’s somewhat isolated and lost in a sense, but the travellers who make it there, experience the serenity in the purest form. Mrauk U is perhaps one of the most isolated cities in the world and is an archaeologically important town in northern Rakhine State, Myanmar. It has only recently become a reachable tourist destination. It takes a domestic flight and a lazy 6-hour boat ride to get here and probably that is why many people refrain from visiting here. But those who make it here, make it to something special. The main attractions are the temples and ruins around the town. The remains of the main palace roughly from the centre of the town.


It’s a surprise that Bhutan is one of the least chosen travel destinations. With many beautiful places and greenery, it needs to be at least picked up as a destination by travellers who like to travel between nature. You can find Buddhist relics, forts, shopping areas, monasteries and trekking sports. It is definitely underrated when you think of the fact that it includes Himalayas, rare flora & fauna and panoramic valleys.

Rinpung Dzong in Paro is a fort with gigantic walls. It was built in the 16th century and is also known as the fortress on the heap of jewels. It is an icon of Bhutanese culture and has beautiful wall paintings and temples that are related to the origin of Buddhism. Tiger’s Nest is also in Paro and another great place to visit while you are there. Travellers can spend summers by trekking through this place while taking in the surreal Paro valleys.


This one’s for the party animals, for the gamblers, night crawlers and the high rollers. Singapore is the cosmopolitan hub of South Asia. It’s almost a perfect mix of green, skyscrapers and the population, all laced up with the latest technology, and it maintains remarkable ethnic districts such as Chinatown and Little India. Marina Bay is enough to give you a glimpse of how determined Singaporeans in their ways and despite having so many religious communities, you will be surprised to witness the level of patriotism. While you are there, Marina Bay is a must where you can dive in the Infinity pool. Otherwise, the whole place is a spectacle and high on life and the same goes for food; just go to the night market, start anywhere from the push-cart vendors and go nuts!

Hong Kong:

Is it a part of China? Is it another country? Is Mandarin the official language or English? How many islands in Hong Kong? It seems complicated but travelling there is not. Hong Kong is made of multiple islands and it was returned to China in 1997 after the British Occupation. Yes, Hong Kong was merged in China but it has a certain level of autonomy, that makes it an entirely different country in itself. Its official currency is still Hong Kong dollars, it has its own judiciary system and English & mandarin are the official languages. It is a part of China but it is distinct from its Chinese counterparts like Beijing or Shanghai. The region doesn’t have any shortage of vibrant, Multifaceted culture. It’s a British-Chinese hybrid and that explains the juxtaposition of different kinds of buildings and architecture. There are beaches and regions with a party in their nerves. You are not a true Globetrotter if you have not explored this place yet.


It’s hard to place Bangkok in a single category, one can almost have almost every kind of experience here. It’s a place stuck in retro with modern running in its veins, but the foundation is still ancient. You can travel to ancient temples, visit the old culture and shop in modern shopping malls. You can meet with the monks, sit with them, see their culture and take a walk in the gardens where they walk. Or, you can have a trip to the red-light area, Patpong, and have some wild buxom night.

The contrast is not subtle, it’s overwhelming at times and that makes it the experience of a lifetime. The city is crowded, with exotic settings, boiling humanity and teeming with travellers. One can go on talking about the buildings and spots there, such as a world-class aquarium housed in an eight-level shopping mall, 150-foot statue of Buddha, ancient temples & monasteries and so much more. It’s an experience that cannot be told but only can be experienced.