Khandadhar Waterfalls, Sundargarh (Odisha) | The Highest Waterfall In Odisha (800 Ft) | BikeMyBuddy


I went to explore the highest waterfall in Odisha, The Khandadhar Falls, which is located at Nandapani, Bonaigarh in Sundargarh district in the Indian state of Odisha. It is the 9th highest waterfall in India and the highest waterfall in Odisha. It looks like a sword that's why it is named khanda(sword) Dhara waterfall. At the hilltop, there is The Korapani Nala, a small stream that plunges from a height of 244 meters (801 ft) in a single drop making it the highest waterfall in Odisha. It is 180 km from Sambalpur and 100 km from Rourkela, it is approachable on a fair-weather road.

This is one of the best waterfalls I have ever seen. It is situated in the western Odisha region, near Barkote, Deogarh. Situated inside the dense and lush green forest, and is one of the longest and widest in Odisha. To reach the waterfall from the starting point you have to trek just more than a km and the strain one takes on the arduous journey is soon forgotten by the unthinkable scenic beauty the waterfall provides around.

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