Turkey, a place you cannot only visit once - Pamukkale

26th Sep 2018
Photo of Turkey, a place you cannot only visit once - Pamukkale by Ferdouss Hilal

If you read the previous trips I shared about Turkey then my guess is you are already convinced to put down Turkey as your next destination, but if you didn't then you can always go back and check them or just continue reading as this city alone can charm you.

Pamukkale stands for cotton castle in Turkish ( Pamuk= cotton , Kale=castle) is a unique site worth to be visited at least once. It's the place you go to relax and to get more beautiful on the outside but also in the inside.

This little area is considered as a natural health spa. Thousands of years ago, the Romans built the city of Hierapolis so their citizens can enjoy the health benefits of a hot mineral water. Flash forward to 2015, and the city of Pamukkale in Turkey is still one of the healthiest and most mysterious places in the world.

1) How to get there:

The best thing to put this on an itinerary, it wouldn't make sens to come all the way to Turkey just to visit one place especially when it's surrounded with so many beautiful cities.

The most likely is you will have Antalya in your itinerary ( A detailed trip to Antalya will be shared later on), from there you can take the bus. You can also take the bus from Fetihye, an other gorgeous city.

2) Do you really become more beautiful?

Yes you do!! or at least your skin does. As for how it works, it's very simple you go for a swim with amazing view, the special water does some wonders to your skin and that's all there is to it actually.

Photo of Turkey, a place you cannot only visit once - Pamukkale 1/1 by Ferdouss Hilal

3) Is it really healthy?

I had to google this part but I think and from my experience you might have to do that several times before you see results. Some people say they saw them after their first time so I guess that would depend on you and your body.

This is what I found on google:

According to many, the water provides cure against asthma and rheumatism.

Additionally, the water brings benefits to the skin, eyes, helps recover from high blood pressure, kidney stones, stroke, physical exhaustion, circulatory issues, digestive maladies, chronic disorders and nutritional disorders

4) Best time to visit:

Spring will be the best if you can't handle heat or humidity if not summer is just fine.

5) Things to do:

Not a long list but go for a swim, a walk, visit the museum and watch the sunset.

The entrance to the swimming pool cost around 5-6 euros as for the museum as little as one euro.

6) Tips

Take a hat, a sun cream and drink your water.

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