Night Tour of Philadelphia


Philadelphia offers an abundance of unique boutiques offering locally produced goods and knickknacks. Philadelphia's historic Italian Market is an indispensable resource for high-quality butchers, cheesemongers, family-run grocers and independent eateries.

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Discover medical marvels of yesteryear at the Mutter Museum or discover contemporary artwork at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Old City

Old City, the heart of Philadelphia, boasts an irresistibly charming atmosphere that attracts both visitors and locals. Boasting plenty of charming eateries along Market Street as well as beautiful green spaces, this district encapsulates all that Philadelphia history can teach in just a few blocks.

Tours of this historic neighborhood can be both educational and entertaining. Explore the lives and works of founding fathers by visiting locations like Independence Hall, Library of Congress and Carpenters' Hall; while listening out for tales about Edgar Allan Poe's ghost, Leo Callahan's paranormal activities at Eastern State Penitentiary and paranormal activity elsewhere in this historic locale.

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Take in Philadelphia's historic district by night as you tour Old City's most visited sites - from iconic Rocky steps to stunning art collections at Philadelphia Museum of Art - Old City has something for everyone! Additionally, witness where Declaration of Independence and Constitution were written! Get an insight into a city which helped build our nation - as well as cheered for Rocky!


Manayunk, located in the lower northeast area, is an upscale and trendy neighborhood featuring trendy retail shops, restaurants, bars, cafes and nightlife hotspots such as an active arts scene and annual food festival.

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Manayunk was transformed by industrialization during the 1800s. Textile mills employed thousands of working-class immigrants of English, Irish, German, and Italian descent who endured low wages in harsh working conditions that created an atmosphere ripe for labor unrest.

Today, these old factories are home to restaurants, coffee shops, and businesses such as Blondie, Kismet Co-Working and Tubby Robot. Additionally, this neighborhood features Pretzel Park (named for a former pretzel shop that stood here) which features dog-friendly facilities as well as hosting weekly farmers markets and farmers markets for runners, hikers and bikers alike. There is also two miles of trail spanning along Schuylkill River Canal and railroad tracks featuring historical signage as well as natural and cultural resources such as historical signage as well as natural and cultural resources!

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Fishtown is at the epicenter of Philadelphia's cultural revival despite its longstanding legacy as a fishing hub, thanks to Jason Segal's thought-provoking series "Dispatches from Elsewhere" and as host of its inaugural episode on Queer Eye TV show.

Early 2000s was a time of decline for Longtime Residents; yet longstanding residents saw potential. Vacant industrial spaces attracted entrepreneurs such as Roland Kassis who began purchasing entire blocks to convert to housing or business ventures.

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Beer connoisseurs and yogis quickly followed suit, turning Girard Avenue into an all-encompassing bar-and-restaurant destination with indie music and locally brewed beverages. Small stores like Two Percent to Glory and Jinxed add character and offer vintage and secondhand goods; Bing Bing Dim Sum and Cheu Fishtown serve up Asian fare with a Jewish flavor; Hiroki offers exquisite sushi omakase experiences that cannot be beaten!

South Philadelphia

South Philadelphia is a diverse neighborhood shaped by many diverse individuals throughout its history and into its present-day. Over time, South Philly became more multicultural as time progressed - both physically and culturally.

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South Street remains a hub of counterculture, offering shops catering to punks, rastas, bikers and those whose tastes run to the unconventional. Though large chain restaurants and stores have recently made appearances there, its unique charm remains intact.

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South Philadelphia boasts an extraordinary history - from roaming buffalo and its first Odunde Festival, to its restaurant boom and cultural connections with Mexico via Aqui y Alla by Mural Arts Project (completed by immigrant youth from Philadelphia) while nearby is Shot Tower which marks an industrial past that included naval yards and gasworks.