Ferrari World - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates 1/5 by Tripoto
Shaili Gupta
Now it was the time to visit the most thrilling and exciting theme park - Ferrari World Theme Park. The new models of Ferrari and the history of drivers who rode it and won medals were on display. The history was portrayed through various movies and exhibitions. The unbelievable part was that at the end of each exhibition came a ride like - Roller Coaster, Loop Riding, Track Riding, Go Karting etc. We started from a 5D Movie. The cluster of rides began ae we entered the building. The first ride was Turbo Track. It was a 30 second ride and breathtakingly horrifying. The next was Flying Aces - the tallest loop in the world. This loop was the most treacherous as we were unaware of the ride. We reached the ride following the exhibition. After waiting for almost 5 minutes, the doors opened. Although we entered removing all our loose belongings, we didn't knew about the ride. The moment it started I realized that we were going through the most stupendous experience ever. The screams and shouts made me numb. It was a savage. After coming back, my breath was almost stuck and the heart pounding as fast as it can. No ride was as deadly as the loop. We even had a roller coaster ride. We didn't wanted to leave that place but unfortunately everyday was up with their own thrilling adventures. So we left with a pretty goodbye.
vidhi bubna
It is super popular to go to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi but the thing is everything which is popular and hyped about a place may not really be worth it. I would never want to go to Ferrari World again for these reasons:1) You are paying for a marketing campaign Ferrari World literally has just that, different shows about Ferraris and different ads depicting that Ferrari is the best car ever. It is just a huge marketing campaign. I personally love cars and am a huge fan of Ferrari but instead of paying INR 20,000 per ticket for exploring Ferrari World, I'd rather rent it by paying some more for an hour. I was tired of all Ferrari Ads2) It is for kidsYes despite what everyone says, Ferrari World is for children and most of the activities there are very children oriented. They have a children's play area but for adults there isn't much to do. They have F1 race driving, but that is only 2 minutes long. You'd rather do go karting out in the city for around an hour by paying less.3) I am not into roller coastersThough Ferrari World bragged to have the fastest roller coaster in the world, I have sat in enough rollercoasters to know that I am not into them. Forever, my experience of sitting on the fastest roller coaster wasn't unlike any previous roller coaster. There was not a lot which was special about it.4) You have to pay extra to do stuff insideIt's like paying for entering Disney world and then paying again to do each ride. Its not even funny how much extra money I had to pay to do some basic rides inside. They have the same Ferrari simulator as SMAAASH in Delhi has. SMAAASH charges INR 400 for it whereas Ferrari World charged a bomb.5) It's not worth the timeI wish I had seen more of the city or explored other places instead of going here. I wouldn't even mind chilling at the hotel or just enjoying the spa. But not here again.
Disha Kapkoti
The Ferrari Theme World holds true to the aesthetic of the brand. It's architecture is the celebration of Ferrari's design icon. There are more than 20 attractions inside this park that are great for adults and kids alike. For travellers, Ferarri World is one of the best theme parks across the world that is an obvious adventure while visiting Abu Dhabi.
The best thing about my Dubai trip were the roller coaster rides. When we decided to go to the Ferrari World (@ferrariworldabudhabi), I immediately knew I wanted to try the rollercoasters. It was my first time even trying a rollercoaster ride – so it’s funny that I headed straight to the Formula Rossa– the world’s fastest rollercoaster. 240km/h in 4.9 seconds!! This picture was taken by my friend, Nandini from the observation area – she is scared of these rides – I wished she would’ve tried it cause it was amazing!!Next I headed to ‘Flying Aces’ – another roller coaster ride – now that I had done the world’s fastest, there was no stoppingI was stuck in a really long queue and my turn would’ve taken ages – I had second thoughts of turning back and passing on this one but then this German man in the queue told me that he had tried the ride before and it is better than Formula Rossa – now I had to do something! I cut the line, spotted a family right in front of the queue and asked if I could go and they happily allowed (perks of smiling when making a request)I sat right in front for both the rides and it was the best thing in the world!Flying aces was surely better than the Rossa and I wished I had my video of the ride but here’s the link to the YouTube video of the Rossa – all of you should try this once in your life…!There are many other rides that you can try here and if rides is not your thing then you can learn the history of Ferrari, try go karting or 4D adventures or visit the interactive exhibition of cars from 1947 to the present day.After an eventful day we were all set to explore the nightlife of Dubai. We headed to The Backyard by Swim & Tonic for drinks – a garden style pub with picnic tables and reclining sofas that look out over to the Dubai Canal.
Tasneem Merchant
The Formula Rossa is one of the fastest roller coasters in the world. With speeds upto 240 km/h, this is sure to induce fear in the bravest of hearts. Those who are courageous enough to bear these heart stopping speeds and ride the roller coaster are required to wear glasses for the fear of air bourne particles or insects getting into the eyes. Though situated in Abu Dhabi, The Formula Rossa is not an extremely far drive from Dubai. The entire ride on the roller coaster lasts a total of 1 and half minute. You know where to head to get that adrenaline pumping.