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Weekend Getaways: Abu Dhabi


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Photo of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque by Mukesh Rawat

The Yas Hotel

Photo of The Yas Hotel by Mukesh Rawat

The Yas Hotel View

Photo of The Yas Hotel View by Mukesh Rawat


Photo of "Heritage_Village by Mukesh Rawat


Photo of "Heritage_Village_view by Mukesh Rawat

heritage village market

Photo of heritage village market by Mukesh Rawat

Visit to Corniche

Photo of Visit to Corniche by Mukesh Rawat

Corniche Abu Dhabi

Photo of Corniche Abu Dhabi by Mukesh Rawat

Sheikh Zayed View

Photo of Sheikh Zayed View by Mukesh Rawat

Sheikh Zayed

Photo of Sheikh Zayed by Mukesh Rawat

Yas Marina Circuit

Photo of Yas Marina Circuit by Mukesh Rawat

The United Arab Emirates are soon becoming the luxury travel destinations for tourists all over the world. The Arab culture, and the massive development projects with malls and skycrapers emerging every step of the way, has made UAE an interesting and entertaining place to visit.Abu Dhabi is the capital and the one of the largest city of the United Arab Emirates. It takes up around 87% of the country and was names the richest country in the world by Fortune magazine and CNN. If in the recent years Dubai has grown exponentialy, Abu Dhabi is not too far behind. Boasting of an impeccable infrastructure that spells grandeur and sophistication, Abu Dhabi has put all it's oil-created wealth to some excellent use. 

Abu Dhabi has almost metamorphised over night. From a small fishing village, it has grown to become one of the most well planned and one of the most expensive cities in the world. It is also one of the cities with a high standard of living. From a desert, it has adopted greenery in the form of various parks and recreational grounds. The transformation of this emirate has turned it into a new found wonder. 

I started my trip from The Yas hotel which is located close to the airport. The Yas Hotel is amazing to look at as the dome ceiling changes colors. Heritage Village depicts what a typical oasis village would have looked like. There are several small shops where artisans display hand crafted goods and demonstrate their techniques. If you are really a Beach Lover then you will really enjoy at Corniche. You can also rent a bicycle in case you don't have one. The sheer size of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque makes it worth seeing. If you get the chance to go in, I'm sure you would be speechless. Standing on the sidelines of Yas Marina Circuit you can almost hear the roar of race car engines and the excited cheers of fans on the Grand Stand. Attributed to "gogobot"

Located close to the airport, the Yas Hotel provides a fine stay in Abu Dhabi. It is a good place to check into as the most of the attractions are nearby. This includes the Yas Island Circuit also known as Yas Marina Circuit and Abu Dhabi Golf Course. (The Yas Marina Circuit is a Formula 1 fan's mecca - especially if race cars are actually speeding along the track) With 8 restaurants and a bar/lounge, the dining options here are plenty. A 5 star property, Yas Hotel ensures your stay in Abu Dhabi is special and unforgettable.
Photo of Staybridge Suites Abu Dhabi - Yas Island, Golf Plaza - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates by Mukesh Rawat
An interesting peek into the past, the Heritage village also provides a backdrop for the Bedouin lifestyle and culture. It depicts what a typical oasis village would have looked like. There are several small shops where artisans display hand crafted goods and are great place to collect some souvenirs to take back home. You even get a chance to see how these craftsmen work. Live animals traditionally used for transportation are also available for viewing. There is an open museum here that depicts the desert life here before the city was developed. The restaurant inside Heritage Village serves great Arabic dishes and offers breathtaking views of the city. A visit to this place is recommended before 5 pm as most activities shut here post that.
Photo of Heritage Village, Nr Marina Mall, Breakwater - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates by Mukesh Rawat
This magnificent sweeping curve running along the coast of downtown Abu Dhabi, The Corniche is not only a scenic drive, but is also lined with promenades, shops and beaches.The beaches are an added charm here with a view that could be compared to only a few places. It's fun relaxing at the beach with so many facilities around. There is a nice skating track for those who want some adventure and for others there are quite a few restaurants to sit and eat, while watching the dynamic view.
Photo of Corniche Rd W, Corniche Rd W - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates by Mukesh Rawat
There are quite a few interesting things about the main mosque of Abu Dhabi. It is one of the largest mosques in the world and is adorned with 24-carat gold details, beautiful reflection pools and a huge courtyard with mosaic tile designs. Firstly it has the world's largest carpet. It has the second largest chandelier in the world. It has a unique lighting system which not only adds to the beauty of the mosque but also becomes lighter and darker according to the phases of the moon. There are 96 columns in the prayer hall. The display of art and craftsmanship in this mosque is marvelous as every intricate detail seems to have been taken care of. The unique architecture is what makes this monument grand.
Photo of Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates by Mukesh Rawat