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1 Emaar Boulevard, Downtown, Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, 1, Dubai
Pre booking for burj Khalifa is must. Otherwise there are no tickets available for the peak time. You can stay as long as you want at the top. It is best to be there an hour before sunset so we can enjoy every view. I.E before sunset, at the time of sunset and after that. Each view has its own charm. I booked a slot of 4;30pm and was there till 8pm. I made the most of it. Sunsets are my favorite and so it was from burj khalifa. They do offer an upgrade from 124th floor to 148th floor for more money but it hardly makes any difference. Dubai from the top is one time view.
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Financial Centre Road, Dubai Mall, Dubai

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The next morning, we were awaken quite early, by the sounds of the birds. It sounded like a ton of them were surrounding the tent. We even heard owls making sounds. So we decided to get up and head out. It was still a little dark out, but the guides were already awake, preparing breakfast for us. We walked around for a couple minutes, until they told us that the sun should be rising. So we went out from the enclosed area and looked out into the desert, and my god… it was beautiful! Just being there, in the middle of nowhere, and watching the sun rise in peace, it was such an experience. We then returned to camp, and breakfast was ready. For being out in the middle of the dessert, and just having a grill, I must give props to the tour guides, Faisal especially, who cooked amazing food the entire time. For breakfast, there was scrambled eggs, chicken sausages, fried tomatoes, toast, and croissants. About an hour after eating, it was time to head back to the hotel. On our drive out of the reserve we took a different route in which we were on the lookout for the Arabian Onyx and Gazelles. We saw quite a few onyxes and just a small number of gazelles, but it was still cool just to see them roaming so free and in their natural habitat. After about 40 minutes of driving, we were out the desert and on the highway back to our hotel.

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Best time to visit Dubai is from December to March

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