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Grand Mosque - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

The Beauty of Grand Mosque:
Debamita Chakraborty
This city also boasts of the world's furthest leaning tower- The Capital Gate, which creates an incredible impression. To me, these impressive architectural structures revealed a plethora of phenomenal modernity amidst the mammoth sandiness. The gray sky with the ominous, raw winds blowing, however reminded me of the rugged desert ambience as I headed towards an eatery for my late lunch, the Arab Udipi at Salam Street which draws crowd for its subtle Arab-Indian fusion. It definitely turned out to be an inspiring and exciting experience as my eyes captured the splendor of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque with its pristine aura in the sun drenched afternoon. My taxi driver, a Tamil fellow, Anand explained the history of this white marbled dome which can accommodate 40,000 worshippers. I gazed at the huge 17,000m square courtyard and the marble domes studded with gold and semi-precious stones and wondered at its marvel. After this surrealistic experience my driver took the route towards Al-Ain's mountain roads in its stride.