Saadiyat Island - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Harsh Mundra
You must have heard about the Louvre Museum in Paris. Now it has opened in Abu Dhabi. Amazing Architecture & Great Collection of Artefacts. This is one museum you should not miss. Having a private car proved advantageous as this museum is not part of standard tourist circuit. Our last stop was Dates Market & then back to Dubai.
Saadiyat Island offers a heady dose of art and culture. Wander around this island a little and you will chance upon various cultural centres. Come December, the island will be home of its first museum—Louvre Abu Dhabi. In the year to follow, the grand openings will include those of Guggenheim and Zayed National museums. A seven-ton dome with a diameter of 180 metres is said to become the Louvre’s architectural masterpiece.15. A Film Festival to Catch