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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

The Trunk Travellers
3. Hear the most melodious Adhan at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque: The Grand Mosque at Abu Dhabi is an architectural masterpiece combining the best of all Islamic world styles into one.
This is one of most famous landmarks of Abu Dhabi and the pinnacle of UAE’s history and culture. This marvelous architectural masterpiece is surely to leave you stunned. The sheer grandeur of the mosque along with the intricately designed pillars and magnificent decors will definitely leave you awestruck. The mosque also has the largest Iranian carpet ever woven. The pure white marble minarets and the stunning domes across the backdrop of the blue skies are really a sight to behold. You will need atleast an hour to explore the beauty of the mosque. So plan accordingly. Also do keep in mind that the mosque remains closed on Friday.
Esha Jafri
It was a very quick visit to Abu Dhabi. I barely had half a day in hand to do all the touristy stuff out there before meeting a friend in the afternoon. I was keen on visiting 4 places in Abu Dhabi (Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Emirates Palace, Heritage Village and Louvre Museum) but due to the lack of time, I decided to let go of the museum. However, I was very sure that I'll be able to cover rest of the 3 attractions at least.
In the evening visit the Sheik Zayed mosque which one the most beautiful, holy and grand places that you would see. The place comes to life in the evening under the lights. Spend your evening at the Corniche to breathe in and look back at the Arabian tour before heading back home!
Harsh Mundra
Next we visited the Grand Mosque. There are no words to define how beautiful this place is. Truly mesmerizing.