Dhal Ni Pol

Aiswarya Keyan
I then took an ola bike ride to Dhal Ni Pol and explored the pols with grafittis by an artist with ig handle @house_of_berserk. I visited the French Haveli, Bhagvan Haveli etc. Bhagwan Haveli had completely renovated interiors which was to be rented out as hotel rooms. Even though it didn’t give me an old haveli feeling, the spaces were very much the same and I personally liked the interiors with wood and ceramic tiles from Mumbai. If you are not on a low budget trip, I would recommend staying here.Then I went on to the Manek Chowk to have some amazing street food and filled myself up with pav Bhaji, Pani puri and the famous Gwoliar dosa.Day VI, 28-10-2019Today being the Gujarati New year, was a pretty dead day as all the institutions were closed. I couldn’t visit Kocharab Ashram, NID, Gujarat University(with the tribal museum inside) and a few other institutional buildings that I wanted to visit.
 Footloose Dev
As I walked a little deeper, I found the many happy locals sitting outside their congested homes, as if only waiting for my welcome, in their own unconditional way. Some were even peering from their ancient looking window, sharing a confused look at my 60 ltr rucksack and a much customary Indian face. As I struggled through a few intermingled by-lanes of Dhal ni Pol, and before I could even reach my place, I was stopped by a curiously looking family, asking for my whereabouts. The youngest of all, probably in his late teens, spun an immediate invitation to join them for some kite flying. My first few hours in the city, and it turned out to be that simple - travelling in Ahmedabad, talking to the locals and even celebrating a festival with a family. At this time of the year, people from across the world might just be looking uninterested and lazy after a series of traditional Christmas and New Year festivities, but not so in Ahmedabad. Here the streets were preparing for some action. People were ready to revel and celebrate.