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Hutheesing Jain Temple

Aiswarya Keyan
Then I headed to Hutheesing Jain Mandir which was also equally beautiful. This Jain temple was much less crowded but photography is not allowed inside.
Tanvi S
This is an old Jain temple situated in Ahmedabad. It was built by a Jain merchant named Hathi Singh in 1850, a wealthy Ahmedabad trader who died at 49. The construction was supervised and completed by his wife Shethani Harkunvar. The total cost was approximately Rs. 8 lakh, then a major sum. Temple is known for its fabulous architectural styling and designing. There is an idol of 15th Jain Tirthankara named Dharmnath and he is the main deity of the temple. Currently, the temple is going under the restoration. It is located in the middle of the city, near Delhi Darwaja, with a very small inconspicuous entry, but once inside its a small replica of The stone works in Dilwara Temple of Mt Abu of Rajasthan, and also a replica of the Victory Tower of Chittorgarh of Rajasthan, two in one in the middle of Ahmedabad. Intricate work on pillars, textured patterns on windows and domes are worth looking at.
Priyanka Rai
Beautiful architecture, one of the prominent Jain temple in Ahmedabad.