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Sabarmati Riverfront

Arpita Agnihotri
7. SABARMATI RIVERFRONTShimmering canals and historic ambience make Ahmedabad one of the best waterfront destination in India. This is a 10.4 km long riverfront stretch consists of the walkways, theme-based gardens, amusements parks, flower garden etc. This place offers mesmerising views and adventurous water sports. It is one of the most visually stunning landscapes in Gujarat.
karthik sharma
From patan headed towards Ahmedabad and visited sabarmati in the evening and had famous Gujarati thali over there. And the next day took a flight and headed back to Hyderabad.
Shaili Gupta
After almost 6:30 p.m we again started our ride. This time "Sabarmati River Front". The area is such a beautiful place to sit around. The parks and gardens all lit up with lights, the greenery in the waterfront, the view of the peaceful river flowing across the city all are add-on's of Ahmedabad.
The sun sets down and we leave for the Sabarmati Riverfront, a quiet weekday (Monday) greets us with minimal crowds in the complex, this complex spreads on the banks of the Sabarmati River and has the required elements of a Joggers Park, with some recreation for the kids and the elderly. Kantibhai drops us back at Shree’s apartment and we bid adieu to him.
Vaishnavi Rathi