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Alappuzha Beach

In the evening, I took a stroll in the small town of Allapphuza and reached Allpphuza beach. The beach is a happening place in the town with many street vendors, locals and tourists roaming around. It was amazing to see so many colourful kites flying in the sky against the orange hue of the setting sun.
Hrishikesh Baruah
Allapuzha BeachWe had booked our stay in our ever-favorite Zostel. The omni-presence of a Zostel in now most cities is a saving grace for most backpackers like me. The only problem was we reached way way too early, and on expected lines there was no one; all asleep obviously. Clueless on what to do we went to upstairs where there were hammocks to rest. Something I wanted to do as I couldn't sleep all night. But that wouldn't be, as the continuous buzz of mosquitoes coupled with the extremely humid weather ensured I just sat there gazing at the invisible sea. Ok, sorry, I forgot to mention Zostel Kochi is situated right in front of the Alleppey beach. Cool, eh?
Mohini Chauhan
Alappuzha Beach
Sudha Kumari
Thumpoly beach again is an extension to Mararikulum but with some rocks . Alappuzha beach was crowded but again white sand and with great view.
Urvashi Sharma
Alleppey Beach football fun!This was a fun place to be. We played football, volleyball with the local boys here and off course clicked a lot of selfies :D
Jishnu Ambadi
The atmosphere was so good and considered as the best tourist spot in the city. No doubt that this beach is one of the best beaches in Kerala.
Subhrajyoti Parida
From Mannarasala, it took us about 45 mins to 1 hour to reach back in Alleppey. Enroute we spent some time in a lonely 'unknown' beach located some half an hour before Alleppey. Alleppey beach was somewhat crowded with people from all walks of life gathered to spend the evening time with family & friends, as the Sun was setting behind the vast limitless expanse of the Arabian Sea. We spent some joyful time with each of us taking turns for our personal photoshoots and playing with the sea waves. Before wrapping up the trip to Alleppey, last one thing attracted my attention which was a broken, dilapidated iron bridge that stretched only by few hundred metres into the sea. I took some snaps of the bridge as addition to my travelogue. From the beach, we stratight away headed to the Alleppey bus stand to reach our next destination in Kerala , 60 kms north of Alleppey. ... Guess which one ?????