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Alappuzha Beach

Nancy Johri
Nandini Mahadev
The next day we started our date late as usual. We decided that we would take a walk to Alappuzha beach since it was only few step away from our accommodation. We sat down on the beach and sipped on our coffees while enjoying the stunning beauty of the view.
Deepak Sood
After checking out of the houseboat, we went to the Alleppey town. We visited Revi Karunakaran Museum. This is a private museum with lots of precious stones, paintings and wooden stuff. There are different types of Rubys, Emeralds, Jade, Sworaski crystals, ancient wooden furniture, intricate ivory and porcelain items.
Rachita Saxena
Enjoy and Relax on the Alleppey Beach
Shireena Jose
• Must visit is the Alapuzha beach and you cannot leave without flying a kite there preferably during the sunset.