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Alleppey Beach

Rita Krocha
So, when we learnt that we still have 4 more hours of travel by road, we had to put on our adventurous caps on. By the time we reached our hotel, it was about 3 am. What took me by surprise is the presence of the local MLA who was still up, waiting to welcome us. Such gestures melt me! And the 3-day literature fest? It was beyond my expectations. I have never enjoyed anything more. In between, we were given the liberty to explore. Alleppey Beach was a conscious choice and it was totally worth every second. Sumptuous food, freshly brewed coffee, and then, a walk in the beach- a halt in between, just listening to the waves- our thoughts transported to another world; it’s really just the perfect place for writers!And if you ask me, what have I learnt from these trips, then the answer carries more than one valuable lesson. Travelling opens your mind to things you never considered before. It teaches you to appreciate even the most ordinary gestures that we otherwise take for granted; it reminds you that this world is made up of beautiful people with different cultures, food habits, and way of life but we are all just human beings, seeking the same goals in life- a little more love, a little more peace, a little more sunshine, a little more of the finer things in life that are not necessarily defined by wealth.
Eva Rana
Cleanliness of this beach is fascinating.