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Explora Science Center and Children's Museum of Albuquerque

Explora! Children's MuseumThis is a great children's museum. It is so educational and organized very nicely. There is a water area that has several hands-on exhibits demonstrating how dams work, water currents, undercurrents, waterfalls, drainage systems, fountains, and how taking the air out of the water can make the flow crystal clear. There is a wind area where the kids can build windmills to see if they work, a vehicle with sails to race, and airplanes to test their design in a wind tunnel. A musical area allows sound waves to become visible, demonstrating how different pitches make different frequencies and waves. The outdoor area allows children to build forts out of life-size Lincoln logs and test a sound dome. Our favorite areas were the electrical area that allowed the children to learn about electrical connections and currents by hooking wires up to batteries, which would light a lightbulb when connected correctly, and a bicycle on a tightrope, which was balance by weight.