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Croatia is a stunning country... Croatia..., yes all beaches in Croatia... fresh food. No trip to Croatia...

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Croatia as well as you know... trip", we entered Croatia... from Slovenian border. Croatia... day. DRIVING IN CROATIA...

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Suffice to say that we selected Luxor as the ideal venue for my birthday party, which was due the next day. I wanted it to be a low key event, which made the restaurant the best choice because of its gay ambiance and the exhilarating sense of space. The birthday was a hurried affair because we did not want it to be the hallmarks of our short stay in Split. We sampled a few other restaurants including Bota Sare and Antika, which were equally impressive with regard to their facade, interior aesthetic, wonderful cuisine and overall quality of service.Our Tour of the Islands


Dubrovnik is one of the few remaining walled cities and as corny as it may sound, walking through the time is much like strolling through time. The massive old stone buildings, imposing gates and beautiful views were all designed to intimidate as well as impress, a function thy still serve today. But while the building may be imposing, it not a harsh city. It’s particularly adept at welcoming strangers and even though it is a very old and heavily touristed city, I felt that it was my little secret walking through it. It is a magical, fairy tale place that looks a lot more like a Hollywood back lot than a real place. No wonder it is the main shoot location for The Game of Throne TV show.



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