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Sobha Singh Art Gallery

Disha Kapkoti
Sobha Singh Art Galley: This art gallery is dedicated to the beautiful artworks of India artist Sobha Singh. 14 kms away from Palampur near the Andretta Pottery School, this art galley is at the residence of the artist where his house is open for visitors and artists. You can also pick up handicrafts at the ticket counter made by the women of Andretta Village who are trained here.Norah Richard's House: Norah Richards is an artist and theatre practitioner who settled in Kangra Valley during the 1920s. During her lifetime she played a vital role and bringing together artists from around the country to this little village where art thrived. Norah Richards is still known as the grandmother of Punjabi Theatre and every year on her birthday students perform plays at the amphitheatre here.
Nancy Agarwal