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December - February
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Ao Nang Beach

Gunjan Upreti
You can head out on a trekWith a variety of guesthouses, hotels, bars, restaurants and souvenir shops, Ao Nang also happens to be a major point for boat trips to nearby places such as Phra Nang Cape, and the hippie enclave of Railay Beach.While beach lovers have plenty to do here, the mountain lover in me found a trek that you can embark on (yes! trek in a beach destination, that's the beauty of Krabi). The most popular option for hiking near Ao Nang is Tab Kak Hang Nak Nature Trail, which guarantees a panoramic view of Krabi. The climb to the top is about two hours long but the view makes up for it.
Soul & Fuel
Saurabh Thapar
In the evening we went to Ao Nang beach , first look gave us an amazing feel...serene and a huge cliff .This beach was beautiful and water was warm perfect for swimming. The sand was really sticky like clay which i had never seen in any other beach. We sat on the beach and was enjoying the cool weather and scenic beauty.
Shraddha Chauhan
Day 4 We started our drive to Krabi early in the morning around 9 am since it was a long 6-7 hours drive and we wanted to reach before sunset. We had a great breakfast at Velo cafe (more information on this cafe is there in another post on cafes in Thailand) and headed straight to our next destination. The drive to Krabi is the most prettiest drive in the entire Thailand. We found ourselves driving amidst huge palm trees and limestone mountains that glow at night. We were staying in this beautiful guesthouse Aonang Guesthouse and the owner, Tin was really sweet to help us with kind suggestions and places to visit nearby to make the most of our limited stay. Again this guesthouse was very close to the popular sunset point at Ao Nang Beach and the entire market area in Krabi. On our first evening, we just walked to the market, had a nice meal at a cafe nearby and retired since we were tired after all the driving. We were in the guest house for 2 nights and the cost was 7600 INR.