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Ko Phi Phi Don

So this was the day when we decided to do Island hopping to the famous Phi Phi Island! We decided to take a package tour from Sea Star holidays. They are extremely meticulous in their planning and systematic. We started at 6:45 from our hotel. We had to reach the pier by 8:30 which was located at Phuket bay. We packed enough supplies of bread butter , milk for our little one as it was gonna be a long day and could have been exhausting for him.Upon reaching the pier , everything was color coded and we were part of the blue team. We were given band according to the color code. Some 30 minutes were spent in providing guidelines to all excited travelers. We were shown the route map. We were to first visit Phi Phi don island, then Phi Phi lae island which was to be seen through our boat itself as the government has put some restrictions for visit there. The Maya beach famous for the movie The beach starring Leonardo Di Caprio is located at Phi Phi lae island. Lastly we were to visit the Kai island.It was a comfortable speed boat with around 45 travelers. The team from Sea Star were very hospitable and kept us entertained throughout with their funny anecdotes. The boat had supplies of water, soft drink and tid bits for eveeyone. We stopped near Phi Phi don for Snorkeling for around 30 mins. There were butterfly fishes and corals. At around noon we reached the island. Lunch was arranged for us at the island. It was one of the best food we had in Thailand. We ate to our satisfaction .Next we sailed towards Phi Phi lae. We saw the monkey beach from the boat, the Maya beach and enticing lime stone formation of rocks which makes you wonder at the ways of nature.Lastly we reached at Kai island, where we had some snacks and juice. The beach was lovely. We had fun at the beach.
Clueless Compass
The Maya beach spreads along the 'PhiPhi Leh' island,a small island west to the Thailand. Hordes of tourists, now visit Maya beach everyday. But there is only one option to stay back for the night.Every evening a licensed boat takes a group of 30 people to the island.After spending a night with people from every nook and corner of the world, the boat will take us back in the morning.I and Goutham were longing for a night like that.Our co-passengers in that boat consisted of mostly British,10 of them,and there were other small groups and couples from various parts of the world.The journey to the island was made remarkable with food,songs and dance. Aboard that boat, we met a Brazilian girl, Luna, traveling around the globe all alone.We found it interesting that her name Luna-the moon and my name Thara -the star will go well together.She is a journalist who left her home seven months back and is here now after visiting Europe,China,Nepal and India.When I introduced myself as a Malayali she shared the luscious memory of the meal served by an 'ammachi' during her stay in Kerala.
Ipsita Biti
There are so many places to visit in Krabi. generally you will find options of Island Hoping. I would recommend to go for a package where it covers few islands. I went to koh pada Island, bamboo island, phra nang island. It costs around 1000 baht by spped boat and 500 baht by long tail boat. I would recommend you all for a speed boat ride. You will get to see 4 Islands, they offer free snacks(fruits and a water bottle) along with snorkelling(provide snorkells) and they have some dedicated time slot for each Island. you get 2 hours in koh pada for snorkelling.
Travel Tales
We did snorkeling in Phi Phi Don Island & that was unimaginably amazing experience. Though I was scared when I entered water as I was not used to breathe from mouth, felt it difficult initially & later I enjoyed watching all types of coral reefs and marine species.
Sushma Neeraj
Our next stop was Phi Phi Don island. We got ourselves prepared to dive into sea and do snorkeling. There was a good team deployed to help everyone to enjoy the activity. It was an amazing experience of snorkeling in the sea as I did it for first time. Those coral reefs has its own beauty.