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Driving time from Sydney: Approximately 2- 2.5 hoursWe move over to the south of Sydney now, and a beautiful long drive through the Grand Pacific drive takes one to Sydney’s smaller cousin in the south – bustling Wollongong and then further to the coastal haven of Kiama. This drive is super picturesque and allows for magnificent pit stops if you have the time. One can drive through the Royal National Park and wade in the shallow green lagoons plus waterfall at Wattamolla beach, go skinny diving at the hidden Figure 8 pool (yes, the lake is the shape of the number 8), stop at Bald Hill, Stanwell Top for a bit of paragliding from the hills. Or go for a treetop climb near Illawara. Alternately, one can stop at the Nan Tien Buddhist temple for a bit of meditation and moksha at what is one of the largest temple complexes in the southern hemisphere! Finally, zip-zap-zoom past the magnificent Sea Cliff Bridge to finally head towards Kiama. (This road trip actually justifies the saying that the fun lies in the journey more than the destination!)
Yuvika Sharma
5. Kiama: It is a township 120 kilometres south of Sydney in the Illawarra, New South Wales. One of the main tourist attractions is the Kiama Blowhole. The seaside town features several popular surfing beaches, caravan parks and numerous alfresco cafes and restaurants. Under certain sea conditions, the blowhole can spray water up to 25 metres (82 ft) in the air, in quantities that thoroughly drench any bystanders. This tucked away hidden gem of a place is one of the best locales in the NSW outback.