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Titos Lane

Ishita Ralhan
Post our delicious lunch, we went back to our apartment to get ourselves rid of the sand we didn’t mind jumping in. We got ready and left for ‘Titos’ to rock and roll. It is in a lane very close to Baga beach and the whole lane is full of night clubs. If you are fond of night parties and dancing is your kind of thing, then this whole area is definitely for you. ‘Titos’ is a huge multi cuisine restaurant where they have a dance floor in a different section and DJ near the dining tables. If you happen to go there, then make it a point to try their sea food pizza, prawn balchao and mocktails.
Nikhil Talwar
Gauri Raghuwanshi
Being a first-time visitor was excited to go to all the places I have heard of. Now it was a turn of Tito's street. The street is full of clubs, live DJ and eateries. We had pizza and went to Tito's. Ladies were leveraged everywhere with free entries and free drinks. Tito’s is good with nice ambiance and music but not as great as LPK.This street is just beside the Baga beach and that night we went there tired with dancing and the sea seemed scarier, all dark and rushing sound of the tides.It was the last day of our trip and we all were in love with goa. I didn’t want to leave that place.
Ajay Hooda
Once Again we started riding and about half a hour later we reach Tito's Lane which is also the Downtown Area. A street full of clubs, shop and BARS. 'Loud Music All Around' After few drinks at CAPE-TOWN Cafe we decided to hit the beach which is walking distance from here. (BAGGA BEACH)