Titos Lane 1/3 by Tripoto
Ajay Hooda
Once Again we started riding and about half a hour later we reach Tito's Lane which is also the Downtown Area. A street full of clubs, shop and BARS. 'Loud Music All Around' After few drinks at CAPE-TOWN Cafe we decided to hit the beach which is walking distance from here. (BAGGA BEACH)
Vivek Garg
Its Sunday go to titos lane unexplainable moment must plan it for sunday.
Bhavik Sarkhedi
Just like the Joginder Sharma felt the hulk of pressure in the Final against Pakistan, I felt the same when I was standing outside Titos. I was presuming her looks, probably her figure. Before I could end up my devil imaginations, a girl from the front whom I didn't notice because she was cute; cuties don't go for party. Note: I judged. I was wrong. She said, "The Weak Point Dealer?'. Lol. She patted me on my back and called by my book name. She rocked. She impressed me. Well, She was Shafali. A short, fair, veeeerrrrry cute, high heeled (probably to look tall), wore one-piece (for the club), open haired, and the sweetest dimple on her left cheek made me 'Awwwww Tinder Plus- I promise I am gonna purchase the version next month too. And trust me, if everything goes well, I am going to publicize to all my friends. They all need a good girl friend.'
You cant come to Goa and not do Chutzpaah here! :p Fully crowded, a mix of shady and class people and full bollywood songs in the clubs all night. And its ladies night throughout the year!!
Natasha SK
Everytime I have set foot in Goa, have never missed this Lane. You will find Resto, Spa, Clubs, Stay, Shops and the best part is end of the lane is Baga Beach and Shacks.During season time, dont even think of driving on this lane, or you will be stuck forever. Park your vehicle and take a walk. Cape Town, Kamaki and Mambos are my Favorites among the Clubs. Julma is a decent stay.
Aditya Sen