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Adding up to it..Arambol is the place where life looks very peaceful....

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Story 1- How I landed in Arambol The credit of me landing in Arambol goes to Chandan whom I met in Bhagsu, Mcleodganj....

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Arambol Beach

Arambol (also known as Harmal) gained prominence in the 1960s. Being a non-commercialized beach, one can look forward to peace and serenity here in the lap of nature without the mayhem of uncountable tourists. There is affordable accommodation here in the little huts near the cliff side. This is also a favorite hangout place for the hippies, which makes us encounter a completely offbeat and rare culture. Being thronged by fewer tourists does not mean that this beach is in any way inferior to the commercialized ones. There are shopping opportunities provided by numerous stalls that operate around the clock and occupy the entire stretch of the beach road. All in all, Arambol provides the traveler both the serenity to soak in the extravagance of a pristine beach along with all the facilities like accommodation, food and shopping.
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About Arambol

Arambol Beach long unexplored beach surrounded by cliffs on two sides, with a Fresh Water lake and chirpy markets nearby, Arambol is considered to be one of the best beaches in Goa, A short walk to the north takes you to several attractive bays, the most famous among which is the sweet water lake.


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