Goa with my Girl Gang: Day 3(A day without any plan)

5th Mar 2017
Photo of Goa with my Girl Gang: Day 3(A day without any plan) by Vagabond
Day 3

It took me couple of minutes to register where I was when I waked up that morning. It was our third day at Goa but it was feeling like I was there for years. I had to actually recall, from where I had come and where I work, it felt like a lifetime ago. I went to the balcony, needed some fresh air, after the four hours' sleep I could not even think properly. We didn't have any plan. I thought to spent the day just seating in the balcony. After couple of minutes I realized, it was our last day in Goa, we might never get the chance to come back here again. I went back to the room; my friends were having the same feeling too. We got ready in no time and left for Anjuna beach.

We took a taxi and It took us almost 20 minutes to reach there. We were very hungry and the only thing we could think about was food. There was a café near the taxi stands. We went in, the menu looked little expensive but still we ordered breakfast as we couldn't see another café nearby. It was an open-air café and the view from there was amazing. We clicked lots and lots of photos while waiting for the food. It seemed like we could just sit there and spend the whole day.

The food came, it was beyond our expectation. They gave toast, omelets, butter, jam, mayonnaise and a bowl of different fruits. It was the best breakfast I ever had. The café name is 'Eva café', if you ever visit Goa, have breakfast here once. (The café is temporarily closed currently, do check in the zomato before going there)

We found Anjuna beach the most beautiful beach among the north Goa beaches. It was a bright sunny day but we weren't minding the sun. We spent lots time seating in the rocks, resting our legs in the sea. We wanted to bath in the sea but it was not possible in the Anjuna due to the rocks. So, we left Anjuna and went to the Baga beach. The beach was crowded. We spent some time, enjoying in the cool and clear sea water. We didn't spend much time there though, as we didn't like the crowd.

We didn't have much appetite left after that heavy breakfast, so we came back to our stay and slept. We wake up at around 6 and realized we didn't have much time left in the Goa. Our bus was at 10 o'clock from Mapusa. We abandoned our plan to go to the beach and started packing. It was hard to find things after three days and it was harder to fit all things in the bag after the shopping. Somehow, we managed it. It was already 7 and we had to have our dinner. Earlier we decided to go to the 'Fat Fish' but later decided to have dinner from somewhere near. We went down, paid the remaining amount to the auntie. We started walking towards the Calangute beach, thought we will surely find some decent place near the beach. Just after 5 minutes of walking we found a small restaurant, 'Tulips'. We had seen that restaurant plenty of times in the past 3 days, but never paid much attention. But that day somehow, we paid attention. It looked decent and the food price seemed reasonable. The staffs were very polite and we ordered some sea foods and chicken. They took some time to prepare the food which we could understand, as it was not actually, dinner time. They served the food nicely and it was delicious. We couldn't imagine that a small restaurant like that could serve that delicious food.

We came back to our homestay. It was time to say good bye to our three-day's home. I went to the balcony. It was my favorite place. I wished I could stay some more time there. I couldn't, it was already time, my friends called me. I silently said good bye and came down with my bag.

(I would have shared the details of the home-stay but one my friends called the auntie some time back for booking. Someone else picked up and informed, the auntie had passed away couple of months back and they had sold out the property.)

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