Discovering GOA Nightlife

7th Feb 2016
Photo of Discovering GOA Nightlife 1/22 by Tanvi S
View from Sinquerim
Photo of Discovering GOA Nightlife 2/22 by Tanvi S
Sinquerim beach from Vivanta by Taj
Photo of Discovering GOA Nightlife 3/22 by Tanvi S
Baga at night
Photo of Discovering GOA Nightlife 4/22 by Tanvi S
Mambos from Baga
Photo of Discovering GOA Nightlife 5/22 by Tanvi S
Baga around the sunrise
Photo of Discovering GOA Nightlife 6/22 by Tanvi S
Photo of Discovering GOA Nightlife 7/22 by Tanvi S
View of small vagator beach from Thalassa
Photo of Discovering GOA Nightlife 8/22 by Tanvi S
Aguada Fort
Photo of Discovering GOA Nightlife 9/22 by Tanvi S
Thalassa and view of great indian ocean
Photo of Discovering GOA Nightlife 10/22 by Tanvi S
I at Sinquerim Fort admiring the sunset and ocean
Photo of Discovering GOA Nightlife 11/22 by Tanvi S
crowded Calangute beach
Photo of Discovering GOA Nightlife 12/22 by Tanvi S
Love Passion Karma Landscape
Photo of Discovering GOA Nightlife 13/22 by Tanvi S
Love Passion Karma Landscape
Photo of Discovering GOA Nightlife 14/22 by Tanvi S
Vagator Beach
Photo of Discovering GOA Nightlife 15/22 by Tanvi S
Love Passion Karma Waterfront
Photo of Discovering GOA Nightlife 16/22 by Tanvi S
Club Cubana
Photo of Discovering GOA Nightlife 17/22 by Tanvi S
The Chocolate Room sins
Photo of Discovering GOA Nightlife 18/22 by Tanvi S
Curlies Shack
Photo of Discovering GOA Nightlife 19/22 by Tanvi S
Shiva Valley
Photo of Discovering GOA Nightlife 20/22 by Tanvi S
Fire Show at Shiva Valley
Photo of Discovering GOA Nightlife 21/22 by Tanvi S
and this is how we travelled in Goa!
Photo of Discovering GOA Nightlife 22/22 by Tanvi S

This was my second time to Goa. I always wanted a road trip to Goa but looks like roadtrip is not happening any sooner (sad face!). The itinerary for the trip was NOT at all planned except pre-booking the flights and stay. We had booked flight tickets in the Spicejet airfare sale and got the tickets at very cheap rates (2200rs return tickets, inclusive all taxes!).

Airport to Calangute taxi cost us 900rs. The pre-book cab services inside the terminal are also 900rs but have very long queues. If you are planning to book from outside the airport, make sure you bargain. We were told 1200rs for one way cab and finally managed to hail one at 900rs.

If you are coming by train, the closest station to South Goa is Thivim (only 30mins).

We were a group of 8 people so we booked an apartment with Goa clarks which we found them through Google ( The place is amazing. Our flat was 3bhk and very very very spacious. Very close to Calangute Beach (2-3mins by a walk!) and a min away from main Calangute Market Road.

We would party all night long, come back to apartment, use the swimming pool and sleep till midnoon. We would make our breakfast in our apartment kitchen (yes, we bought basic breakfast necessity from local supermarket which was right outside our apartment building!). We would then have our lunch at fancy local restaurant and then go out for sightseeing (forts and beaches!) only after 4pm as the sun was too bright and direct to do anything in mid afternoon!

The evening it would get little pleasant and night little cold. Just perfect! January and February is the best season to visit Goa. Little less crowd (exam time in most schools in India so less indian families visiting, yay!), many firangs and pleasant climate!

We would visit the Baga beach almost every night after clubbing or before clubbing but it was like a norm to visit the Baga! We loved the beach vibes at the Baga. Lively, music, colourful, shacks etc.

Visit all beaches in evening time if you are a sunset fan. We had viewed sunset from all different beaches/places on all days till the time we were in Goa!

We had rented bikes for all days while we were in Goa. We had paid INR250 (bargained down from INR300!) for a bike per day. We returned it only on our last day of the trip.

Carry your valid driving license as this is required while vehicle renting procedure. And also carry your id proof with you as this would be requested on airport, apartment check-in and also renting the vehicle!

Download offline map for Goa before you start your trip as GPS turned out to be very helpful for us.

So overall, we thoroughly enjoyed the GOA nightlife for which Goa is famous for and trust me, we had the time of our lives and believe that this is how Goa is to be enjoyed!

We pre-booked this 3bhk AC apartment for group of 8 people and man, this was the best option we had for our stay! Spacious and huge rooms with paid kitchen (100rs a day) included all amenities. It costed 3300rs per person for 7 days in Goa (not at all bad considering the apartment and location!) Very ideal for family and large group!

We had awesome Greek food (served in JAIN too!) yay..with an awesome ocean view and breathtaking sunset! Not the one to miss at all! Celebrity Spotting place (we spotted the kiddo, Alia Bhatt, here!)

After Thalassa, we went to this private beach which has the stair down which is right parallel to Antares (Antares is right next to Thalassa). This beach is also known as small Vagator Beach and not the one to miss at all! Do do do visit this beach if you happen to be by Thalassa! The sunset and the evening time is best. Nothing less than paradise with neon-lit umbrellas, candlelight, far from chaos and soothing breeze!

Less crowded than Baga, Calangute. There is Sinquerim Fort on this beach which has a splendid ocean view! Vivanta by Taj is on this beach! oh boy, the sunset we experienced here was one of the best in Goa. The breeze, the ocean, the perfect-painting-like-sunset..You can also do the watersports here.

e of the another must visit clubs in Goa. Stags not allowed. Paid Couple Entry and FREE girls entry (yay!) This club is situated on the hill and has their own vehicle to take you to the premise! Security is strict. The club is divided in 4 levels. One level has the swimming pool and another level has the dance floor. Their fireworks is not the one to miss for! The party starts after 9.30. We started by 12am and by 3.30am, the club was closed. Though if you are drunk, they let you sleep in their gazebo and let you walk out in early morning. The view of whole Goa from here is breathtaking! Too many firang crowd here as it is ran by German Immigrant. So DJ is plays only EDM and Trance. NO Bollywood (why o why!)

This is must must must visit super nightclub if you are in GOA! Stags are strictly NOT allowed and if you, a boy, befriend a chic for an entry to the club, make sure you know her name and number saved on your phone cos the security might just ask you her name and also cross call to verify! Couple entry is allowed and GIRLS entry are FREE. YAY! The landscape and architecture of this club are too good. Though the dance floor is small. DJ plays EDM, Trance and Bollywood too!

so we spent 3 hours after clubbing, here on the Baga to witness the sunrise! Our bad that we missed out that Goa is on west coast so the sunrise turned out to be one of the funniest moment. Still this beach is lively till 4am. Few shacks were still open and playing music.

Most crowded beach! Constantly hovered by shack boys and watersport people! Watersports can be done here.

Less crowded than Calangute. Water Sports can be done here. But try doing it at Calangute beach since it's crowded and you will find groups of other people if you are few in numbers (an activity can be done only if you have certain number of people for that activity! minimum 6 pax). Chapora Fort (Dil Chahta Hai fame!) is on this beach. Sunset here was spectacular too.

over hyped place! Girls entry are FREE in both though Tito's covers the charges, Mambo do not! Stags NOT allowed. But very average clubs with average crowd. Can be avoided. Infact, GET HIGH, right opposite Tito's which has free entry for everyone is better than Tito's

Oh boy this place was just amazing. We wanted to go to Curlies at Anjuna so we followed direction as GPS lead us. When we reached the pin point and parked our bikes, we were told by 2 local fellow that you will have to walk down the road for 7-8 mins. We started and the road was very scary and dim lighted and very dark most of times (phone flash lights helped us make through most of the road!) We climbed couple of stairs, made way through rough road and still no sign of this place and suddenly we could hear loud music and booooom, there was just a different world out there from the end of the corner of the road. The place was buzzing with crowd (mostly firangs and few Indians). We saw that Curlies and Shiva Valley, both were damn next to each other. Curlies is a shack and Shiva Valley is the night club. Both places were divided by a boundary made of beach tables. LOL. Girls entry were free. Paid stags and Couple entry. Shiva Valley's dance floor was filled with only firangs dancing on EDM and Trance. High on weed and booze (like rave parties shown in movies!). Shiva Valley side of beach had all Indians dancing on the sand. We enjoyed our time here were glad we made it till here!

Our first day at Goa started at this lively place. We ate and danced to awesome bollywood numbers played by their in house DJ!

We went to the local Goan Carnival held at Mapusa. The carnival was little boring since such carnivals are held as EXHIBITIONS here in Mumbai. All Mumbai brought stuff were sold here with little high price (ofcourse that's understandable!). Though their carnival procession was good but we skipped it after spending 15mins there. We were expecting some local dance and all but sadly it was all finished by the time we reached.

This is one of the sightseeing places in Goa. There is the lighthouse on this fort. Many bollywood movies are shot here. Whilst going to this place, you will come across Dolphin ride too. On my first trip to Goa, we had taken the dolphin ride and we didn't spot a single dolphin. We had paid 300rs just for 30mins boat ride. So this time I was sure that I am skipping the dolphin ride and so did my group fellows too. We visited this place in scorching midnoon heat so we visited the place, clicked pictures as fast as we could and left early as the heat was unbearable. I am sure the evening time would be better as the view of vast ocean from this place is incredible too.

This beach is black sand beach in Goa.

This beach is different as it has a sweet water lake on its shore. Just sit on the sand of Arambol beach and lose yourself in its captivating beauty. The sand is soft and white with little cottages on the red slopes, rocks in some places and the approach road lined with shacks offering souvenirs and clothes. At one end of it runs the Tiracol River and beyond the river rises the Tiracol Fort, now an interesting little hotel.

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