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Sir Abhinav Jain
Bali has its fair share of beaches. Kelingking is one of the most popular beaches of Nusa Penida Islands.After half an hour of steep trek down this cliff, the beach down below is one of the most beautiful there can be! White sand & great waves. If lucky enough, one might end up seeing a group of bottle nose dolphins jumping through the ocean.????We subconsciously do assign a context and a story to wherever we go, that is why some places, few of them very odd, even from our childhood stick to our minds while we forget some beautiful experiences right after we have lived them! I guess that is why a picture is worth a thousand words in true sense!✨
Haritri Goswami
Reached Bali at 22nd Dec night. Stayed overnight in hotel Radiant nearby airport. Next day we had flight to Labuan Bajo in the morning. So selected hotel near airport and get some sleep. We had no checked in luggage with us. Two persons with two backpacks we started our journey from Bangalore airport . Flight was via kualalampur.
The Chronicler
For my Photographic Journey follow me on Instagram here.The Instagram Tour- BaliWe do so much for the #gram these days that a travel company in Bali called “Forever on Vaction” literally has a tour that specifically caters to this world-wide frenzy of the gram love. Now, take my word for it (or not) or just take my photographs from Bali for it but this tour is completely worth every pretty penny you spend on it. The reason- they cover the most gorgeous locations of Bali and you come back with tons of memories to put up on your wall (both in your house and the gram wall).Now as you know I started a series on this Blog for most instagrammable locations and this tour just fit in smoothly with the concept. It was a surprise tour that Mr. H planned for me, the tour includes a drive around Bali the whole day, a tour guide who also doubles as a photographer (ours was amazing his name is and if you can ask the tour company to get you this guy trust me you will have the best photographs). We asked him how he became so good at it and pat came the reply “I do this five sometimes six times a week, I know exactly what the best angles are” and did he know them for sure.The day began at 6 in the morning, they wanted us to start at 4 to avoid the crowd and the traffic. We were like what crowd and 6 in the morning, but if you are an early riser we recommend you take their advice and start at 4.Our First Stop was
Harshit Gupta
We returned back to Bali during afternoon and decided to head to the Uluwatu temple for the sunset and also the show. We got late for the show and all the tickets were sold out so we treated ourself with a beautiful sunset view. We returned back to Jakarta in the night.
Harshit Gupta
We checked in our hotel in Bali ( After freshening up, we found a local tour to Ubud for one day which would take us to Monkey forest and Tegenungan Waterfall as we had less time for the day. After covering both the places, we returned to our hotel and took rest for the day.