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Ayung River

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River Rafting in Ayung
Another activity not to be missed is their rafting! Paddling along the valley against the water current at the foot of the mountain enjoying the picturesque of mountains that passes you was such an enjoyment. We did our rafting with Alam Amazing Adventure at discounted rate through our guide! The rafting adventure will take 2.5 hours and around 16 km along the Telaga Waja river. During the raft you will pass some bamboo bridges, waterfall and have a last action jump at Bajing dam which are 4 metres high. After rafting, just walk a few minutes back to the shower and changing room facilities and buffet lunch will served at their River side Restaurant with Indonesian Food and during lunch time you will be able to see your Bali rafting adventures and choose if you would like to be burn into CD for IDR 350,000. One interesting thing about them is that, you can either choose to walk down the paddy rice field to the starting point or you can choose the flying fox route down! The whole journey was fun-filling one with our jovial river guide and to mention, all the bali guides were really friendly, you can easily strike a conversation with them be it to know more about bali or some random chats! There's schedule for the rafting too, do check out the link given for more details!Address: Perum. Mekar II Block C4 No. 4, Jl. Mekar, Bali 80221, IndonesiaIf you like to know more about their culture and traditions, it's good to visit some of the following places and experience it yourself.
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The refreshing boat tour and rafting through the dense rainforest over Ayung river gave a perfect view of the island's mountaineous regions. A hearty meal, included in the river rafting package (besides pick and drop to the hotel) truly did the trick for me as the second half of the day went in last minute shopping and the much needed Balinese massage, a rejuvenating experience (especially since it was my first massage ever). On my way back to the hotel at night, i stopped by a live music cafe - Laughing Buddha, where I got my hands on the famous Rose wine which invigorated my taste buds and senses. It's a Bali must-have.This trip taught me many things, but one in particular- We all live in our version of a comfort zone. It could be our fear of being alone in public, or simply the fear of the unknown, but the magic only happens when you step out of your comfort zone. I'm really glad that I took this trip as it taught me that the key to our happiness lies with us. Thanks to Bali, I learnt the true meaning of wanderlust.Follow me in my adventures on my blog, click hereFollow me on instagram at suhanihopesFollow me on Twitter at suhanihopesAwesome seafood and great views
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That pavilion was the hotel's open-air lobby, and the powerful sound of water was the sacred Ayung River. I checked in and continued down the path, surrounded by whispering bamboo, moon-lit koi ponds, and fragrant frangipani blossoms. The villa was a reflection of Johann Wyss' novel, Swiss Family Robinson; it was a fantasy bamboo structure with a conical roof that rose some 15 feet! It featured a circular floor plan designed in respect to the golden ratio Phi, at its centre a king size bed draped in white netting laid low to the rich cocoa coloured floor. I would quickly learn this netting was both atheistically pleasing, and functional! Like the remaining eight villas, mine faced the sacred Ayung River, the darkness of night hid it from my eyes, but its song was ever present. After collecting myself, I went to take a bath, but had a hard time choosing over my options. Each villa features an open-air soaking tub carved out of a river stone, these al fresco bathhouses include chromotherapy lighting fashioned after the seven chakras. The villas also include separate outdoor rain shower areas that let you gaze towards the skies while remaining in complete privacy.
One of the rafting places in Bali is Ayung River. This rafting has category II and category III so it is suitable for beginners, but there will be a lot of obstacles that you will meet along the 12 kilometers of Ayung River. It takes about two hours to explore it.In addition to that, you can also see panoramas of towering palm trees, hill trees and the yellow rice fields on the left and right side of Ayung River. There are also Balinese artists’ carvings on the rock cliffs of Ayung River. If you take a tour package, it is usually already included the lunch and dinner delivery service.VISITING THE ART MUSEUMSAlmost all of the museums in Ubud show the beauty and history of art and paintings. There are six museums that you can visit, such as Puri Lukisan Museum which is the first museum in Ubud. This museum displays the collection of Balinese paintings in three eras, from the kingdom era of Bali to the independence era of Indonesia. Other museums that you can also visit are Neka Museum, Rudana Museum, Agung Rai Museum, Antonio Blanco Museum, and Marketing Museum which has been established since 2011.SHOPPING AT UBUD TRADITIONAL MARKETSIf you are looking for the center of souvenir stores in Bali, then Ubud is the right place for you. Shopping at Ubud will bring you to some colorful Bali handicrafts. Various Bali handicrafts are already displayed here by some sellers that mostly are native Balinese.These handicrafts such as wicker, sculpture, beach sarong, trinket, sandals, Balinese traditional clothes, paintings and many other types of handicrafts are available here.You can also try the variety of food in Ubud, but remember, you have to come early as in the daytime it will be very crowded. The parking lot will be full around noon too.SAY HELLO TO MONKEYS AT MONKEY FOREST