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Bali Bird Park

Priyam Ratnam
Next Destination- On my way to Seminyak, I visited Bali Bird Park. You can choose between Bird Park, Safari Park and Bali Zoo depending upon your interest. Bird park was a good experience as there are almost 400 different varieties of birds, most of them are well trained and out of the cage. You can feed and interact with them. The ticket costed around INR 1500/- You need 3-4 hours for this place. They have ongoing shows after every 30 minutes. They also have Komodo Dragon fight show but make sure to align your visit with the schedule as it happens twice a week.
Radhika Changoiwalla
Bali Bird Park: As nature and bird lovers, we spent more than half the day at the Bali bird park. Spread over 2000 sq. meters and boasting of more than 250 bird species, this aviary was a delight. They had bird shows, feeding locations, open areas to chill with different species, and enough to keep you on your toes throughout the day. Favorites included the section with Birds of Paradise and Lori feeding. Least favorite was being bitten by a Rose Cockatoo (but don't let that stop you)!
Vrushali Ketkar
b) Introduce your kids to various animals and birds by spending a day at the Bali Zoo or at the Bali Bird and Reptile Park. (The Bali Bird Park was our personal favourite and we don't even have kids! Haha!)
Aakanksha Magan
Bali Bird Park is a wide 250 hectare aviary park with more than 250 species of birds. The aviaries are wide and open, and birds fly freely through the park. They have a show, 'The Free Flight Bird Show' that lets visitors observe the antics of birds of prey. There are fixed feeding times, during which the visitors can feed the birds. There is also a special ‘Hatchling Area' which showcases the different stages of many of the birds in the park.Opening hours: All days, 9.30am - 5.30pmCost: US$26 (₹1666) for adults, US$13 (₹835) for children
Namita Kulkarni
Happened to see this huge wood carving at Mas, an art village in Ubud, on my way to the Bali Bird Park. Came back to get a really good close look at the sheer ‘mindblowingness’ of it. Several heart-stopping moments of beauty in the streets of Ubud, and some with more than a touch of humour in them, such as the monkey sculpture below, outside a crafts store. Cracked me up every single time I saw it.