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Besakih Temple

Vrushali Ketkar
Besaikh Temple: This is the most important temple in Bali also known as the 'Mother Temple'. Situated on the slopes of Mount Agong, this temple is atleast a 1000 years old. The surrounding rice paddies and small streams enhance its beauty further.4. Flaunt your volcano pics - visit Mount Batur!
11.30am to 1pm Besakih Temple. A temple complex on the slope of Mt Agung with about 86 temples.
Besakih Temple is the largest temple in Bali. It is really beautiful, full of culture. The area is fairly big and to see the attraction, climbing up and down steps are required.
If you’re just going to see one temple then you may as well make it the biggest and best. Besakih or ‘Mother Temple’ is impressive any time but even more so if you can visit during one of the big ceremonies that happen only very rarely. I’ve heard tourists having a lot of problems visiting here because they’re forced to hire a guide so I say wear balinese dress and find a balinese family to bring you :)