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2. Celuk Village
Sushma Neeraj
2. To See Gold and Silver CraftCeluk is the second place to be visited in the number of Bali Kintamani volcano day trip program. Celuk is the famous town on the island being a touristic region mainly because of its locals are typically active and also great for making designs to the gold and silver jewelry manufacturer. Each art shop has a workshop where the customers would be able to take a look at the artisans producing the hand-crafted silver jewelry.
Neha Kirpal
The drive to Ubud is full of its own surprises. With a number of little villages offering various arts of their own, you learn that in Bali, it's always about the journey rather than the destination. Stop over at Batubulan Village where you will see some rare stone carvings. An interesting thing to watch here is the batik processing. There are a number of shops that sell batik ware, with people working at it outside. The next village is Celuk, known for its famous silver and gold jewellery. A little further down is Sukawati where you can pick up some artistic hand-crafted puppets. The road north then passes through Mas. Here, you will find numerous shops selling several woodcarving masterpieces. Other interesting items you will encounter along the way are kites and masks. These make up the must-buy souvenirs from this truly magical island! You might also like to take home some famous Balinese coffee, cocoa and herbal tea packets.